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I've had the same top post for 2 days on hot. Yeah it could use speeding up. Also what default subs are on the hot page? I got some crazy stuff initially.

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The home/hot page is very similar to /all/hot, minus a few advertising subs, basically.

If you want to see only your subscriptions you can go to the 'subscribed' button at the very top of the screen. Then you can sort by hot from there. If you prefer to see the subscribed page as your home page, you can change this in your user preferences.

2 days is a bit much I agree, but it's only because that one post is disproportionately upvoted, that happens. Everything else is less than 1 day old though.

I'll mark down one vote for speeding it up, thanks for your feedback!

Also remember you can see the newest stuff at or with the 'new' tab. That lets you see everything chronological order. I do this sometimes if the front page is a little stale