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I can agree a lot more with this, but... :p

Occult == 'knowledge of the hidden' or (because of TV) 'knowledge of the paranormal'.

There are two (generally speaking) perspectives on how to view hidden: 'secrets among friends/members' and 'magic, ritual, etc. {or the will/thought of that occurring: aka you think you are doing magic and therefor perform rituals while you are not} '

Now the Epstein case is a clear 'secret among friends/members' thingie, fetish sharing, just the wrong fetish. (In earlier times certain knowlegde, even basic maths, could be seen as 'THE DEVIL' so certain groups held these 'secrets' hidden (occult) and the church didn't like that. That's why I clarify that the Epstein case (and pedoism in general) is a BAD thing to keep occult, while there are good things like math or... a surprise party for example).

Now for the magic part I recommend the latest higher-side chat: (Skipping the part about his jungle trip (double entendre) Gordon talks some real shizzle straight out of my mouth, although he's a bit to much going along with Greg's interruptions {about hybrids} but he's a smooth talker too and bends it over into a critique of AI/trans-humanism (not) taking over. I listened to it this morning because I was up two hours too early for work and while lying half asleep listening I thought I was dreaming when Gordon spoke about magic, rituals and the elite, defended Gnosticism and all.

Most sex magic involves (for men) either wanking, other men or (literally) MILFs (aka woman who gave birth) and is (in order) about aligning your will, relieving stress or guidance to where you would like to plant your seed.

Raping a child would be like "I'm a hacker" and with your windows machine going on some shady porn-site and downloading the 'virus-scanner' from the pop up. (or as /u/Tom_Bombadil suggested and I think also has merit: setting your self up for blackmail) To complete my analogy: Yeah! you did it, you followed the 'code' but the code was made by con artists... mwahmwah

It's like the story of Gilles de Rais : He listened to the church for how these 'satanists/devil worshipers' raised the dead and got their powers and went along doing exactly those horrific things the church said they did.

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So are you denying there's occultists practicing ritual pedophilia and child sacrifice? I can dig up some victim testimonies and other evidence about it.

The Epstein case is probably not occult related, agreed.

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Like the OP, you are blurring and confusing many issues that overlap but are not exclusive nor indicative of any one thing.

I bet there are elite pedos who don't do any of the ritual shit. I bet there are elites who do the ritual shit but not kids.

What ever it takes to be an asshole, and feel like they are empowered and justified - that's what they'll do - whether it's just in action, in authentic belief, to fit in with their peers, or whatever.

It's just other "communities" of the ruling classes overlapping like Venn diagrams.

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This is how it is.

Religions cults do not have as monopoly on rape, torture, and murder.

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Correct. Only dogmas do.

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Nihilists can also rape, torture, and murder.

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But that's not why they do.

Atheists can be "evil" too but that's not why.

"I'm evil because I don't believe in God," literally makes no sense.

"I'm evil because I don't believe pigs can fly," literally makes no sense.

"I'm evil because I don't believe Tom is Elivis' love child with a Martian," literally makes no sense.

"I'm evil because I don't believe life has meaning," literally makes no sense.

"I'm evil because I'm a sadistic twisted fuck who enjoys it," makes sense. Change it for any reason that makes sense - revenge, anger, jealousy, etc.