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You do very well!

In my experience the best way to gain fluency is to practice, to chat with people live, as much as possible. Native speakers who don't speak your language are the best, because necessity forces your hand.

Next best, and really enjoyable, is to listen to music and watch movies with the lyrics/subtitles handy. It hones the listening skills, which are essential when talking with people outside of a classroom situation, because they'll talk fast, use slang, idioms etc. This is such a fun way to deepen your understanding and expand your vocabulary.

Anyhow, have fun with it -- the biggest leap is when you get over the fear of making an idiot of yourself! Once you feel free to make ridiculous mistakes (and you will) you will make huge leaps in your skills, as well as many very funny slips which will have the added bonus of causing hliarity!

Good luck! What's your native language, if you feel like sharing it?

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Traditional Chinese.