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Honestly, it very well might be one dude who thinks it's funny. But, I can't help but wonder if someone is pissed off that the_donald crowd is around.

Neither group is my scene, so what do you think? Troll, or activist forum manipulator?

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Another option is that it could be a government agent looking to set up a Saidit takedown or at least poison the site's reputation. In today's atmosphere of bloated "homeland security" budgets this is a real possibility. Did the IP come from Elgin Airforce base?

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It is admitted that Israeli students are paid by the government to do this sort of thing, so that's another option. But it could be any of hundreds of groups in or out of the US, or both. I would like to know the IPs too.

[I never got so many upvotes on a comment before, so thanks, Israeli students. :) ]

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The IPs change with each username, they're using a VPN with changeable IP addresses

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Someone wants this site to look bad, so they are posting that shit, then posting all over reddit to go here "when conservatives are banned" hence insinuating that this place, "full of child porn" is a conservative haven.

In other words, it is a leftist propaganda smear.

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surely that will backfire. The current US administration is targetting pedos, and whoever is doing this will have all that material on their devices...

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I wouldn't put it past these extreme leftist online trolls, that typically live on twitter, to now start targeting new platforms that are actually platforms (mmkay).

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I see all this "Its the Left!! Blah, Blah, Its conservatives blah, blah"

Would it be weird AT ALL if it was just people working for Reddit? Or just Reddit bootlicker Fan Boi's that would love to see this place tun into another Voat? Because if this site starts to look like that place I'll damn sure slink back over to Reddit, no problem. Reddit might be white washed censored bullshit but I dont need Eyebleach and therapy every time I go to the place.

Can I entice you guys to stop pointing fingers at partisan lines for a second and maybe work together on one thing try not to alienate each other? For the sake of the site maybe? Stop with the Lefty Righty shit long enough to find a solution?

Because Im sure whoever is doing the Trolling is loving that part in particular. That "left wing/Right wing" Button is so easy to press with all of us. Fucking stop your shit for a moment and realize the corporate jerkoffs over at reddit have everything to gain for this site to turn to shit.

Some minimum amount of security is going to have to come into play. This place was tiny enough to have a little utopia there for a bit, but the more Reddit becomes - whatever it is becoming, the more people are going to come this way and start taking the kindness and tolerance of the Mods and Admins as weakness.

So stop pointing fingers at left or right you fuckheads and talk together to find a solution. Then fucking kill each other for all I care.

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Yes, also a believable scenario. It's fun to theorize, which is certainly where i'm coming from.

I haven't seen a whole lot of actual strong partisanship in the discussions of the issue, actually.

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Look - I'm polerised. I know it. My point of view is a bit skewed - But I have found people here that I disagree with - more than disagree with, but also kind of like. Reddit has some clear cut Echo chambers that have cut off discussion between the two and we just dont have that here - and I dont want to see that happen here.

Every once in awhile all us hateful sons of bitches are going to have to decide what we hate more. Because going the way of Reddit or going the way of Vote is going to leave us all without a place to go shitpost and fight each other like free people.

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there are always the chans

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Oh. Yea, you are correct there are always the Chans.

I'd rather not.

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This is exactly what happened to voat. First step was signing up fake racist/psycho rightwinger accounts. Second step was troll pedos posting and getting the sites donations and financial support cut off for CP and drugs. Third step was inserting drama and paranoia with accusations about every other mod secretly being an infiltrator. Fourth step is denial of service attacks to stretch finances even further. Final step, with half the userbase already giving up on things or accusing each other of being a pedo and/or an SRS infiltrator, and no money to hire mods or admins to help, was to massively increase activity from all the the fake racist accounts, and simultaneously invite stormfronters and pol in. After that, voat wasn't much more than a smoldering wasteland filled with a few tired dregs of some of the first banned subreddits. And a bunch of accounts that almost never post unless there's been a major banning on reddit, and then when they do, its with "GUYS WE NEED TO SPAM RACIST MEMES OR THE JEWS WILL TURN US INTO REDDIT."

They'll probably try some variation of this here. Who "they" are, I have no idea. It could be anyone from political activists to some TLA to reddit itself(or a troll firm they hired)

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We already had the DDoS

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I don't see any. Where they all removed?

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Yup they're all gone as of a few hours ago

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I think I found the source:
20% of Pentagon workers browse child porn