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Deal with evil when evil comes. In one sub or a thousand.

Otherwise stop using me as an example and fuck off. I'm not evil and resent being compared to it.

If I fuck 50 girls don't put a limit on me because there's a rapist around town.

d3rr has 58 and I'm not envious of his prowess nor hold it against him.

magnora7 has 90 subs.

All my subs, in order of conception, maker first:

That means only 8 are mine exclusively plus my 4 projects with my aliases.

And somewhere in there I made /s/WatchPeopleDie, un-modded, and gifted that away to someone who wanted it badly before their 2 weeks were up.

/s/altrightwebm I joined to help with their CSS. I've had a shitty 2 weeks in pain and haven't yet. When I'm done I'm gonna jump off it. I'm anarcho-Marxist anyway.

From the beginning and since then I have always invited magnora7 and d3rr. magnora7 has never accepted but I have not recinded. d3rr stopped accepting after a while as he said it might not look good collecting a bunch. Nonetheless he's still there, for when I'm not, and if/when I eject. There are no other complicated reasons why that I'm aware of.

Get off my dick. You crazy.