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So stop telling me how to mod and trying to put limits on me.

Who fucking cares if me or some chucklehead hoards subs? Why is your nose up his ass? As long as he's not a dick. If all of a sudden he turns into some CIA shill then M7D3 can pull his plug and he can start trying to hoard again under another alias.

I'll finish my fucking CSS when I finish it. I'll give my subs away when I'm 1) done, 2) ready and 3) can find some worthy people to hand off to. And while there seems to be no shortage of whiners here all the worthy folks are busy doing and building and making shit happen so the slackers can sit back and suck on our works and complain about it.

I don't know what DM is.

I want way more subs to better organize the content on SaidIt. If I have a post that fits under Law/Justice/Injustice/Legal/RiggedSystems/Voting - there's nothing for it. I'd be happier with metatags or categories but we don't have that yet. Subsaidits are the systems I'm working with. I don't give a fuck if I made the sub or not. If I made the sub then I'm sure as fuck going to put my "Ergonomix " CSS on it to make it easier to read and use.

I want way more subs as options to file my posts. That's it. I don't care who owns them.

I would say you can take most of mine but you're being a dick so I'd have to wait and see whether you are a dick or not. If you did take them then maybe you'd see a bunch of folks irrationally shitting on you for simply having subs, regardless if you're a maniacal malevolent mod or an absentee mod, or even something in between.

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Okay I'm not trying to personally attack you, your just an example because you own a high amount of subs without any intent to stop.

DM = Direct Message

And all I'm saying is that there should be a hard limit of subs per user of ~50 or something so no one person can mod to much of the subs and in turn not have to much control over the narratives.

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DUDE, I already fucking said I filled up all the pressing subs and am going to focus on my own projects.

Read my tedious rant:

As long as people continue to make shitty subs I'm gonna make my subs with intent to serve the greater good of SaidIt as best as I know how.

If you think /s/fashwave (EDM for fascists), /s/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns (Happy gay sounds), /s/watchpeoplesurvive, /s/MildlyInteresting, and /s/RestrictedSubTest are more worthy than most of mine, then I'm open to hearing how.

Yet you are attacking me and using me as an example and poisoning people against me for NOTHING. I haven't even bothered to learn how to use moderation tools because I don't need to. MOST people on here are not asstrolls.

Now you're moving the goal post about limiting the control over the narratives.

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Okay please read my comment in which I pinged/mentioned you before you continue to be hostile please.

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