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Define what this evil "HOARDING" is and why it's only bad .

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Because if someone has say over 50 subs there is no way in heck their actually continuing to moderate each sub and sure as heck won't be able to give much individual attention to each sub.

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You're under the assumption that those are all high volume subs.

On SaidIt there have been more than 50 subs for a while and d3rr claimed he had read every single post and sub. I don't know if he still does that or not. When he speaks it usually matters. I don't think he's human. What I think doesn't matter.

Who are you to determine what "matters" anyway? How much individual attention is enough? Start quantifying and qualifying some stuff and I might start to take you seriously.

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Okay please read my comment in which I pinged/mentioned you before you continue to be hostile please.

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I'm working my way through my messages using context. Apologies if my order of response is meh.