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So stop telling me how to mod and trying to put limits on me.

Who fucking cares if me or some chucklehead hoards subs? Why is your nose up his ass? As long as he's not a dick. If all of a sudden he turns into some CIA shill then M7D3 can pull his plug and he can start trying to hoard again under another alias.

I'll finish my fucking CSS when I finish it. I'll give my subs away when I'm 1) done, 2) ready and 3) can find some worthy people to hand off to. And while there seems to be no shortage of whiners here all the worthy folks are busy doing and building and making shit happen so the slackers can sit back and suck on our works and complain about it.

I don't know what DM is.

I want way more subs to better organize the content on SaidIt. If I have a post that fits under Law/Justice/Injustice/Legal/RiggedSystems/Voting - there's nothing for it. I'd be happier with metatags or categories but we don't have that yet. Subsaidits are the systems I'm working with. I don't give a fuck if I made the sub or not. If I made the sub then I'm sure as fuck going to put my "Ergonomix " CSS on it to make it easier to read and use.

I want way more subs as options to file my posts. That's it. I don't care who owns them.

I would say you can take most of mine but you're being a dick so I'd have to wait and see whether you are a dick or not. If you did take them then maybe you'd see a bunch of folks irrationally shitting on you for simply having subs, regardless if you're a maniacal malevolent mod or an absentee mod, or even something in between.

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Okay I'm not trying to personally attack you, your just an example because you own a high amount of subs without any intent to stop.

DM = Direct Message

And all I'm saying is that there should be a hard limit of subs per user of ~50 or something so no one person can mod to much of the subs and in turn not have to much control over the narratives.

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I will attest that at least one of the subs jason has is modded by me and I invited him and he has been helpful. He wasn't pushy or anything to come over and be a mod. We are just a very small site right now so a lot of the new power users just look very busy with forming lots of subs.

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I understand and u/JasonCarswell (I pinged because I want you to know) if your willing to once the right users come along and this site grows give those subs to other users, then your doing nothing wrong.

I'd only used you as an example due to your high Sub count I understand your not Hoarding for personal gain.

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Even if I kept them all and more I'd still be doing nothing wrong.

When I do something wrong, only then will I have done something wrong.

We do not need pre-crime police here.

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That's fair.

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The Autobahn became famous for not having any speed limits.

Q: If you add a speed limit to the Autobahn, what do you get?

A: You turn a free-way into just another shitty highway.

It may be riskier in some ways. In other ways not. Between Toronto and Windsor is 4 hours of the boring-est highway and LOTS of people die every year from falling asleep driving it.

Fast or slow, if someone fucks up, survives, and is responsible, then they must be held accountable. Not before. Not preemptively.

"The only thing we have to fear is fear of crime itself that hasn't happened yet and making up silly limits." ~ J.F.D.Rooseveltbergensteiniki

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"The only thing we have to fear is fear of crime itself that hasn't happened yet and making up silly limits."

Sagely advice

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Deal with evil when evil comes. In one sub or a thousand.

Otherwise stop using me as an example and fuck off. I'm not evil and resent being compared to it.

If I fuck 50 girls don't put a limit on me because there's a rapist around town.

d3rr has 58 and I'm not envious of his prowess nor hold it against him.

magnora7 has 90 subs.

All my subs, in order of conception, maker first:

That means only 8 are mine exclusively plus my 4 projects with my aliases.

And somewhere in there I made /s/WatchPeopleDie, un-modded, and gifted that away to someone who wanted it badly before their 2 weeks were up.

/s/altrightwebm I joined to help with their CSS. I've had a shitty 2 weeks in pain and haven't yet. When I'm done I'm gonna jump off it. I'm anarcho-Marxist anyway.

From the beginning and since then I have always invited magnora7 and d3rr. magnora7 has never accepted but I have not recinded. d3rr stopped accepting after a while as he said it might not look good collecting a bunch. Nonetheless he's still there, for when I'm not, and if/when I eject. There are no other complicated reasons why that I'm aware of.

Get off my dick. You crazy.