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Does anyone know of any news stories about servers getting compromised in Switzerland or Norway, or is it something that simply doesn't happen?

In Norway we have no secret surveillance laws that allow the government to monitor the users of websites beyond the infra structure retention laws (6 months, IP and time). I've never heard of an non CP site being taken down, though I assume anything can be taken down if it breaks Norwegian law. The police sent stern request to sites that hosted the video of the Norwegian citizen being decapitated in Morocco would take them down, but that was it.

Check out why Jottacloud, a Web storage provider, profile themselves on being hosted in Norway.

Besides, having it in Switzerland, we might as well go for Belgium right?

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Interesting, thanks for the info! As someone from Norway, have you by chance heard anything about Switzerland's server security as compared to Norway's?

Belgium is a no-go because then we're subject to EU laws.

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My opinion is that there's many levels of server security to consider, from physical security of the hardware itself all the way up to secret state surveillance and many technicalities when it comes to legislation.

From a glance it looks rather comparable, standard hosting stuff, reasonable privacy laws and no publicly known secret courts to issue search/monitor warrants.

One of the Swiss providers talks about "Swiss Federal Data Protection Act and Ordinance to the Swiss FDPA, which gives judges the discretion to restrict data access without substantial evidence of a crime." (

which leads me to guess there's some sort of default data access?

I can't really say what's legally or technically bad about Swiss hosting, only what's nice about Norwegian hosting.

Edit : Swiss/Belgium is not about EU laws, I consider both countries highly suspicious from a conspiratorial angle. Personally I'd rather have it in Guatemala or something rather than Switzerland.

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I'm not from Norway but I have seen their laws and there isn't many if any that would take security away from you guys.