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Curious if you've had any progress on this?

One thing I'm wondering about Saidit's hosting is whether it can be outside DMCA jurisdiction. (bonus if it is also outside EU countries jurisdiction that actively enforce NTD).

With that in mind you could actually use the Special 301 Report as a short list for countries that do not actively cooperate with DMCA

Based on the above Switzerland would get my vote.

Once side effect of having a host outside DMCA jurisdiction is that you can pretty much ignore overzealous DMCA takedown notices - This would result in less work for Saidit admins as well as allow certain subs like /s/Piracy to exist without the need for admins to moderate the random takedowns that Saidit will receive otherwise.

PS - As a counter point I noticed that Raddle is hosted in the Netherlands so they too are outside DMCA jurisdiction. They technically could be subject to the EU copyright directive, however the admin's position is that since they are non-profit (don't even have ads) then the directive does not apply to Raddle.

PS II - I'm not a lawyer, don't assume any of this is 100% correct, etc. etc. :)

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Thanks for the feedback and ideas. I think we are in agreement, Switzerland is the best. We are basically now in the phase of researching our options in Switzerland and finding the cheapest hosting company that can meet our needs.

Interesting about Raddle being in the Netherlands, I didn't know that. Being in the EU seems like a risk to me these days because of the new EU laws being passed. Saidit is also a non-profit in the same way, with no ads, which does indeed afford a layer of protection. But I think Switzerland would be a nice second layer of protection for the longevity of the site.

Hopefully we'll start making the move here with in a month or so.