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Use your imagination.

no need, just look around in the real world.

they are using a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach. poisoning the environment, our mind and bodies, separating us from nature, the stratification of society, amplifying social inequalities, dumbing us down and stripping us from possessions, rights, traditions, culture, religion,etc, - everything possible in order to weaken us. weak humans are much easier to kill than strong, educated, rich, organized individuals who are in control of their own natural and other resources.

one of the principles of fabian socialists is baby steps, but in the long run, it will change society beyond recognition.

what you are asking, was asked by the elites centuries ago and we are today only here to witness their answer to that question.

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I guess elites centuries ago can't imagine what is "automation lead to billions of people going to become jobless".

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h g wells, jules verne, huxley and others ...

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