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Riding the bus in Vancouver, it lurched forward so hard and fast that I dropped my phone and the battery came out. I was pissed off until we all had to get off as there was an old man who's cane had slipped - he'd fallen off the sidewalk and stumbled into the road, and he was still partly under the front wheel. I don't know how he fared. I called the po-po. And walked to the studio to direct some animation for a mediocre Dustin Hoffman climate change documentary. "Little did I know..."

Also in grade 9 I had my rat tail cut off by some big mean older girls.

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Wait, dude fell out of the bus when his broke hard or the bus broke hard to not hit the old man? Also, I had my hair almost cut on the bus in high school. Girls are so mean. They really tried to cut by hair. Bus driver just laughed instead of helping. High school was 0/10.

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Clarified. I think.

Grade 9 was meh. The rest was great. I was lucky enough to be like Ferris Beuller in that I had friends in all groups. I wasn't in the "popular" crowd because I was in all of them. I didn't let many of the group dynamics slow me down. Meanwhile some classes were good some not, and home life SUUUUUCKED.