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This one time I was in Paris visiting, riding the subway, and some 14 year old guy tried to pickpocket my wallet out of my front jeans pocket. He failed, I grabbed his hand as he was pulling it out. I was so shocked, I think he was too. We just kind of stood awkwardly for another stop or two. He didn't want to run away because it would admit guilt, and I didn't confront him because I was like 19 and never had anything like that happen to me before and was just kind of stunned lol.

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Hopefully that was his first and last time trying something like that. Guess he thought that people from other countries(especially America) are dumb, i don't know where you're originally from. Very bold of the kid.

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You're probably right. I hope it was his last time too. I also in retrospect wish I had caused a scene to ensure it would be his last time.