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A Packard Bell computer running Windows 3.11 for Workgroups but it wasn't long before we upgraded to Windows 95. I remember my dad had to reinstall the OS quite a few times as he would delete system files trying to see what he could get rid of to save space.

I remember having to learn basic DOS skills so I could play simcity.

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My dad was a software developer at the time and needed a PC at home. As I grew up, I was interested and watched him do things online. He eventually got me a dual Kid Pix/Cloud 9 CD that I spent my time playing.

He soon got my my own PC (an old Compaq tower that was once my uncle's) and introduced me to programming (in QBASIC). I slowly shifted from playing Flash games to writing code.

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Oh man, that's a make me feel old question. The first computer I met was in the 1970s, built by my uncle from a kit and had just enough memory to run software like Life (which my dad liked) or Adventure (which I liked). The basic model had IIRC 256 bytes of RAM, but I guess my uncle expanded it.

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I was thinking the same old thing.

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We had a DOS machine and I played games on it, in like 1993. Mostly Caesar II. Such a great game, even still. I didn't really know how to use the computer, just how to start my games lol

But I didn't really get in to computing until my dad gave me a hand-me-down IBM Aptiva computer, with a pop-up CD drive under the CRT monitor. That thing was so cool. Windows 95. That was really when I learned how to use a computer. That would've been around 1997 or so.

This is what it looks like:

I basically learned every single thing about windows 95 that I could. And then we got internet, and I was using Napster and stuff. haha

Then I went on to get a computer engineering degree and ultimately make this website with d3rr.

Cool question btw!

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I hope you moved onto Linux. Far better operating system.

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We use linux for saidit :)

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My first unix box, I first touched in 1995 at animation college using a Silicon Graphics Indy :

The next year I was animating commercials in New York on an O2 :

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At least, I already got the taste of MS-DOS via VM. :)

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Apple IIe back in the 80's as a kid. Loved playing Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, Lode Runner, and some Wavy Navy!

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I used to custom build Lode Runner levels and I wouldn't let my friends play them until I could beat them to know it was possible.

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Mine wasn't much better. A pentium 4, with Nvidia GPU and 512MB RAM. Dial-up internet and built-in speakers. Got it back in 2008, no judge.

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My first experience with a computer was back in 2005 when I owned a Windows 98 computer. I believe it had a Pentium 3 at the time, it was fun for playing games on it. I crashed it by messing with the registry in CC cleaner.

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When I was about 5 in 2002. My dad bought our first computer and the only fun thing we had on it was paint. So I used to just draw terrible scribbles all the time. My aunt printed them off and hung them up for some reason. Good times.

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I grew up having a few old PC's from Goodwill and the like. Old xp computers. My first real experience came from my anti-internet mom. She made sure that I was never online with all my old computers. But bout 2008ish she got me a brand new "gaming" PC. I really liked the thought but she couldn't have found a worse PC. The dude at office Depot told her this PC with an I3 integrated graphics and 4gb of ram would be able to do whatever I needed. Oh, those where the times.

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It was around 2005,when I was 5. My grandma used to take me to my aunt's house and I used to play online flash games there with my cousin.

Then in 2007 I got my first PC and then in 2013 I got my own personal internet connection. Before that I could only go online when I was in school using the school PC's.

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Windows 3.11 in the mid 90s on a 65mhz Packard Bell.

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Apple ][+

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First that I can really remember is in the form of old 8-bit Nintendo stuff. I'm sure that some people must've had authentic NES consoles but the place was flooded with knock off consoles too and no one really knew the difference. I must've been about 4 years old when we got a 'Pegasus' and one of those 100-in-1 cartridges.

Although I remember computers from early on too. I wouldn't remember names of the machines but I remember seeing some of those old green and black displays around, although mostly DOS ruled the day. I remember trying to play 'Logo' on the school computers but never really knew how. They tought it to the older kids I think but by the time I got the computers had all been upgraded and were running Windows and we were learning things like how to use Paint etc. We had a DOS PC at home for a little while with 'Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego' on it. Mostly though, we didn't really have the cash for computers back thing so the best 'computing device' I ever had growing up was my second hand Sega Mega Drive.

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Texas Instruments, grade 4-6 1980-1983 ish, at a friends house. Our school got a PET. I don't know which I touched first.

Got a Commodore 64 a year or two later (still have it). Our schools got 8 Apple ][s.

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Dad got an Dell laptop from work and showed me Google Images. I was really amazed that this piece of plastic and metal could contain so much stuff. I then spent the rest of the day looking up various pictures.

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I remember playing Kings Quest. It was a great game.

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My Dad has had computers for as long as I can remember, so honestly, I don't know.

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zx spectrum games at a friends place and then commodore 64. loading programs from audio casettes..

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Mine were Windows Vista