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In no particular order.

  1. Telltale's The Walking Dead Games - It's a story-driven, point and click, choose your own adventure game and as a novice writer and a big post-apocalyptic and zombie fan I immediately loved it.

  2. Life Is Strange 1 - Similar to the one above I loved it because it was a story driven choice game. This game might be the best game of this type that I played. The thing about this game is you either love it or hate it, there's no in between

  3. Mudrunner - It's an offroading simulation game. Basically what you do is drive around the map with trucks trying to haul logs but do not let that fool you the terrain is very hard to manoeuvre through. Sometimes you have to go through huge rivers, swamps, forests and one wrong move and you might have to start all over again and if you want to use the minimap to help you, you first have to explore it.

  4. Cities Skylines - Best city builder and management game hands down. You won't find a better game than this one. There's also plenty of mods and maps and if you want you can make one yourself.

  5. Euro Truck Simulator - Best truck hauling simulator game. It's such a chill and enjoyable game. It's so good truck drivers love playing it in their free time. It might get boring to play after a while but like most games, it has mods that make it more realistic and entertaining. There is also an American Truck Simulator.

  6. Far Cry 3 - In my opinion the best Far Cry game. I love the atmosphere and the story.

  7. Outlast 1 and DLC Whistleblower - It's my favourite horror game. It genuinely felt scary and the story was engaging and there was no Deus Ex Machina like in Outlast 2.

  8. State Of Decay 1 - In my opinion, this game has almost everything I want a game about zombies to have. In the game, you have to go around help survivors, scavenge and kill zombies.

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I think you're spot on about Life is Strange being a "love it or hate it" type game. I really wanted to love it, but I couldn't get into it. I felt like I would rather just watch a movie of the story. Never even finished it :/

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The divide for the game is usually because of the story.

You'll either love it and defend it to death or you'll hate everything about it.

I personally love the story of Chloe, Max and Rachel to the point I have played through the game and the prequel Before The Storm at least 10 times. For some reason the game has this addictive nostalgia feeling that I really love.