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You wrongly think this is some bug or error - this is in fact the result of conscious decision of this website's admin/owner to enable Cloudflare's "under attack" mode because he firmly believes it helps to prevent spam/trolling. A couple of his comments on the topic:

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Wtf!? That's lame. Guess it's not surprising....this site has been going downhill I suppose. Jesus Christ can't even post a basic reply without having to reload this site.

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Yeah, the website/owner is a real POS. He doesn't care about any of us, aside from his Daily Stormer favorites. I once made the mistake of thinking he was a semi-decent guy with some sense of morality.

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Those people are not my favorites, and I don't appreciate the endless smear campaign by you. I am reducing spam on the site and this is proven to work and be necessary. I'm glad I never appointed you to any mod positions because you clearly don't have this site's best interests in mind.

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You never addressed any of the points I made or tried to disprove anything. You literally only object to me being upset at you after that I tried to improve the website, and you go behind my back and let a fucking troll send endless bullshit onto my sub and then sabotage the sub to try to make it private without telling me, like a fucking snake. You then ignore all my messages I sent to you about cleaning up the spam, but go ahead and use the ideas anyway, and have the fucking nerve to question why I might be annoyed with that?

You also never addressed the fact you constantly remove comments that throw even the lightest criticism towards you, while also un-removing a bunch of fucking shit talk from some no-life loser troll who has nothing to do but send useless bullshit on every comment I make. It's all in the Moderation Logs on here. I was a mod of three subs, including AskSaidIt and SaidIt, and cleaned up a ton of spam on there, but you don't seem to give a shit about that, do you? It's in the Moderation Logs.

The fact you can't even address the basic simple shit proves I'm right. The fact you didn't say jack shit to me until I brought this up, proves I'm right. The fact the best you can reply to all these things I've said to you is a "nuh-uh" proves I'm right. But the thing I never got from you is, why you were willing to un-ban a fucking no-life troll sending nothing but worthless bullshit and endless insults onto my sub, but you remove shit that speaks even slightly unfavorably towards you? How does that not make you a giant hypocrite?

How does treating people who helped your site, like complete and utter shit, help you out in any way? How does letting trolls and spammers run free on here serve you, while you sit back and shit on the ones who tried to improve this site? Do you think a fucking white supremacist loser like your buddy you unbanned has this site's best interests in mind? If so, let him be a fucking moderator and clean up spam. Or would he just start fucking with people like a typical Reddit mod?

Care to answer any of these questions at all?