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I've honestly thought about this recently. It's probably been a little over a year I considered working for USD might be immoral because you are providing labor to back the value of money someone else can just print, that keeps immoral people in power, and enables bombing of children in Gaza, probably more so than taxes do directly. I also think it is immoral to pay taxes not only because the taxes fund the government but also because USD (immoral monetary system) also derives its value as a tax payment token (don't go to jail for existing token). So the more labor for money and the more taxes you obligate yourself to pay the more you are adding a backing to an illegitimate system that enslaves us and contributes to violence around the world.

But I don't like the idea of taking from resources I didn't contribute to. I've come to the realization that purely honest actions are not afforded to you when your standard for honesty is sufficiently high.

I think it is wrong to earn a living in a way that causes or contributes to unjust externalities. Unfortunately the structure of the way our money works today means pretty much any kind of income does that.

And this isn't just a passing thought. I've reduced hours at work over this. I've spent all of my increased disposable time pondering how someone can manage to be responsible while fucking out of this system entirely or at least maximize their disinvolvement. Or at least organize their life so their direct value production can compete with their work. And even with all that time and mediation, and even willingness to bend my perspectives on what value means, I don't have a ton of great answers for how to really do that that I'm 100% happy with.

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Welfare doesn't pay that much, you are better off working.

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For many reasons it's very important to protest against the Israel government and their relentless slaughter of Gazans. I fully agree. But this has to happen more often in the streets, at work, at school and online.

An increase in welfare spending would only inspire Republicans to increase their demonization of poor people and their calls for a decrease in Social Security welfare and healtcare funding (a process begun in the 1980s). Because, fuck poor people, right?

In 2023 the $3.8 billion in Israel "aid" (free weapons) was only 0.08% of the $4.5 trillion in US revenues. This is 100% the focus of the US military industrial complex and Israel lobbying. It will never be connected to US expenditures for welfare, Social Secutiry and healthcare, which Republicans are already actively trying to cut.

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The US as with so many other country's are in full 100% support of the terrorist murdering innocent palestine civilians, as Fran Drescher said decades ago (jewish) we use guilt to get what we want.

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US Welfare mostly only pays women.

Sometimes you can get money as a man with children dependents, but it takes much more scrutiny. You are reliant on the whims of some bitter DHFS lady; it could take years to get started, or it could take years to get your full amount.

Income tax will put you in the high-chance of audit, if you are a single man claiming children dependence; this happened to me and it delayed my much needed income tax return for 1.5 years. It also required significant action from me or I would automatically FORFEIT my owed income tax over-payment return!!! WTF, that was money money I was forced to fight for and prove beyond a doubt!

Daycare facilities will call the police on you and report it as suspicious, if you are a man with dependent children; this happened to me.

A man without children will not be able to get even food stamps, except for a brief temporary and scaled back one-time burst.

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If you really think it's genocide your moral duty is to move out of USA. You won't tho.

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Before I can answer such questions, so that we're on the same page with our discussion you need to elaborate on what you define to be an American and what is not American.

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This question and all current answers are stupid. They miss the point that Americans are worthless pieces of shit who produce no value. I mean if you work shuffling papers or telling lies (sales) and you pay taxes on that, are you really adding value to the US economy? Pretty much the entire US economy is based on printing money and importing things from countries silly enough to trade things for dollars. How much Americans "work" and pay taxes makes little difference.