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Hmm, I remember noticing once that yellow highlighter ink responds to pH. If I recall correctly acid makes it fade and base brings it back. So maybe you could add some sort of basic solution... I admit I can't really think of how to accomplish that without making a big mess though.

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I'm not sure how I'd do that either, especially on a large scale. Maybe dip it in the solution before I write, like they used to use quills and inkpots hundreds of years ago?

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An easy fix would be to use a different colour. I find orange and green okay. Could it be smeared on the opposite page? If so then you should blow on it so that it dries up before closing the book. And don't put the book in the sun, it can actually fade it while the book is closed. I'm assuming it works the same as ink as that's the only thing I have experience with.

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I'm already using the other colors for other things. Lately though I have taken to blowing on it after I highlight--thank you for your suggestion!

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Happy to help.

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I'll try to keep that in mind, maybe that's the solution.