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People are like cats. They scurry away if you show interest in them, but the moment you ignore them, they're walking all over your keyboard.

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That makes sense!

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It also explains a bit how when people start to become aware of this, games like "playing hard to get" and all sorts of weird quirky behaviors emerge.

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People aren't like cats. Disordered people are like cats. Normal people have zero issue remaining in touch with you, and normal people can read the room and fuck off when they aren't wanted.

Texting is half the issue anyway, it feeds people's insecurities to type digital nothings into a device without human contact.

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Oh that makes a lot of sense. Explains the crap with asswipes like cluster b and C-PTSD/PTSD who act eerily like cluster b.

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Everyone can get into a funk. I'll go through spells where I don't reach out as much. But the honest thing is, good people make time for the people they care about, it's that simple.

And someone who can't follow your boundaries, yeah fuck that, that's disordered.

It can just be massive insecurity as well, which isn't a disorder exactly, but the other people always pay for those insecurities.

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Yeah I think my friend might be going through something I don't know about. Somebody else told me they can sometimes not reach out for months, then to reach out again so maybe he's going through something like that.

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Number one reason for distancing in chunks like that is depression I would say.

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Yeah he does have depression and both my best friend and another friend of mine hasn't talked to him in a while either.

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If you treat people like commodities only to be used for your own personal expense, don't be surprised when all of them ghost you.

Regarding your personal story, that's not "somebody you don't want to text you;" that's just a stalker. (I have a few of my own on this site, apparently.)

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Nobody is stalking you. How self-important are you? You just type really, really dumb shit, and can't handle the repercussions.