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  • Vitamin E is a group of eight fat soluble compounds, of which you are only provided one through supplements. High doses of which will cause internal bleeding and hemorrhaging. Keep this under 100% daily allotment from supplements, while taking in actual vitamin e through foods.

  • Make sure to take vitamin K with d, or else it will be of no use to you.

  • Take a look at this product: 🔗 Adding one of these a day to your vitamin d regiment will increase uptake, and boost blood minerals.

  • Do not exceed 40,000 IU of D per day.

  • Junk the multi, increase your time in the produce section of your store.

In short: I take 1 ADK10, as shown above, plus additional Vitamin D3 + k2, bringing the total vitamin D intake to 15,000 IUs. There is a small grouping of antioxidants I take in addition, but those aren't as important as these.

Additional advice:

  • Reduce your lectin intake, Peanuts are not nuts. Start there. Stop eating Peanut products.

  • Don't bother with probiotics, your body is better at sorting out it's own gut biome.

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I take 50,000 IUs of D2 once a week. I heard about the vitamin K being needed for the D to be utilized.

These two vitamins work synergistically to ensure that calcium obtained from food is deposited in the bones and not in the arteries. Vitamin D increases calcium levels in the body, while vitamin K helps the body use calcium by shuttling it to your bones. Taking vitamin D without enough vitamin K can cause an increase in calcium levels without the ability to use it effectively, which raises the risk of depositing calcium in arteries and soft tissue. Therefore, it is beneficial to take vitamin D3 and K2 together for optimal bone and cardiovascular health.

That's a little disturbing. At least vitamin K is in cheese. I do love cheese.

Don't bother with probiotics, your body is better at sorting out it's own gut biome.

I had noticed probiotics seem useless, although eating my own lactobacillus ferments seems useful for IBS.

And I know whole food vitamin sources are supposed to be better than junky multis but either the RDAs are full of shit or our food just isn't that nutritious anymore but you can't hit the RDA with whole foods and still consume a reasonable amount of food.

Have you noticed any benefits from vitamin E? I used to take it, at least the one form, but I never noticed a difference.

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Have you noticed any benefits from vitamin E?

Only the couple of times I've experienced massive Hemorrhaging in my arms. Remind me, is internal bleeding a good thing?

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Vitamin D, vitamin C, raw milk.

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That is odd regarding the Japanese and white rice. Rice is empty calories that aren't very filling but you don't see many Japanese fatties. Their diet might be more of a necessity than a virtue. And their shortness might be due to generally poor nutrition.

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Your food is probably healthier

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Depends on the amount of money you're willing to spend on it

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Hey, Musky. Long time, no see. Hope you're doing ok, man.

I like coffee. I know that sounds dumb, but it seriously helps with inflammation, headaches, and depression.

Neem powder is good, too, for cardiovascular stuff and inflammation.

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Hey u/tiny-brown-mug! How ya been?

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Been ok. Rewritten to be more coherent and less jittery-sounding. Missed ya.

Went through some anxiety, depression, and paranoia, had to get off of the site for a while. Hope you've been doing ok, and that the cats are behaving. :)

Edit : How have you been? What's new by you?

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I get it, sometimes you need a break from news and negativity. I can't watch too much true crime stuff myself before it starts to give me nightmares.

Cats good, wife is good, I'm good, everyone is good. I'll have to think if anything changed the last year. Same old shit, different day.