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Nah, I'm not registered to vote, and I definitely wouldn't be inspired to register by the candidacy of some unqualified pimp.

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Then register to fucking vote before Trump gets elected and we lose our self governance.

This is your republic. Use this right to vote, you may never get it again if we turn into a banana republic.

I hate wokism and baby murder, but I like republicanism, not monarchy.

Trump wants to pardon the traitors who tried to turn this place into a filthy monarchy.

Therefore, I'll vote for basically anyone who isn't a traitor. Join me in my effort

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Nah. I already went through the trouble of cancelling my registration.

I don't want to be a partisan. I don't want to play the game. I just want to bystand. I'd rather try to accurately chronicle the way the world burns than subject myself to groupthink and pretend I can stop it.

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Do you mean not registered as a democrat or republican? Neither am I.

Vote for a third party. Do SOMETHING.

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No, I mean not registered. I cancelled my voter registration entirely. I don't vote.

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So you're going to watch the world burn and throw out your civic duty and beautiful gift of freedom, the gift and ability to vote, as if it were worthless garbage.

As soon as I turned 18 I signed up to vote.

You have no respect for democratic self governance do you. You hate the gift you've been given to be free and able to influence your country. You hate freedom. You hate the ability to chose your leaders. You want to sit by and be TOLD what to do.

That's fucking deplorable.

Change your mind dude!

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You want to sit by and be TOLD what to do.

Oh, quite the contrary. I'm not particularly law-abiding. But more to the point, I don't like to be told what to think.

And you know what politics is? It's people telling you what to think.

So I'm not playing. There are plenty of voters out there, and my vote was never going to change anything anyway. No one will even notice that I've decided to just watch quietly.

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Ok. Sorry I was rude to you.

Do what you want. But please remember that people died for the privilege you scorn.

Voting means you get to chose who YOU want. It is the opposite of being told what to think.

That's a dictatorship, the alternative. "I'm in charge, and if you don't like me I kill you."

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There are instances where one vote DOES change things. It has happened before!

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Sure, maybe in small-town elections for county comptroller. But nothing in the city I live in has ever been decided by a single vote, or even by a single-digit number of votes.

Besides, I believe that 1) It's foolish to cast an uninformed vote for any candidate you don't actually know personally; and 2) You generally can't actually vote for policies, and even if you could, the correct policy usually lies in the vast nuance between the two talking points.

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I want trump for king

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Why don't you move to Saudi Arabia and you can have your dream of having a king come true?

The king there is just as crazy as Trump, you'll love him. He chops up people who disagree with him, he's your kind of guy.

Why don't you fly over there and leave the rest of us to have a democracy?

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This isn't a democracy this is a gynocentric dictatorship

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Technically speaking we're both wrong it's a failing republic.

Gynocentric? In some ways. Welfare and child support and divorce.

But in other ways, no.

Also, not a dictatorship yet.

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Her sell out quick. He just says stuff to get donations

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    I prefer latinas