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I agree to an extent. People who post anything and everything public, attention whoring themselves to some extent are asking to be stalked. But if you put your profile private, and some psycho is stalking every move you make or some other psycho has admitted they only use social media to stalk others.

You have several steps to make: one, delete your real account. Two, get a burner laptop or phone, paid with cash or monero. Three, don't use these devices under your home WiFi, and when you're on public WiFi or prepaid minutes for data, use a VPN or tor with bridges on it. Four, create a burner email accounts, is good and just send yourself invites lmao. Five, create sockpuppet accounts. Six, never, ever tell anyone else you have sockpuppet accounts, and don't power level on there, and like or follow shit you're not interested in/dislike. (Fuck the 403 error status)

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A lot of people on social media would not go through the effort of following the seven steps of online safety you talked about this makes hackers who stalk people online all the more confident about taking stalking far enough to violate someone’s privacy.

When an acount on social media has been visited by anyone it’s not a violation of someone’s privacy for example if someone looks at an acount after looking it up and views the acount page it’s not a violation of privacy.

If someone has hacked an acount on social media to get in to private messages then it’s obviously a violation of privacy so to be fair someone stalking someone on social media is only ever guilty of violating someone’s privacy if they have successfully hacked an account

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Fair point. It's not like some of them have your email or phone number (I never go on social media signing up for my ACTUAL phone number) and handing it to other people w/o your consent. Now THAT would actually be a violation of one's privacy.

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This is social media