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No. The Democrats don't have enough prepaid debit cards to push a second color revolution on us.

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I say no. I say modern incels are spineless pussies. The West will fall and be taken over by Islam.

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There are two options:

1: These people have shit DNA and shouldn't reproduce and it's a good thing they aren't fucking.

2: The same chemicals turning everyone into faggots and mentally ill maim victims and autists (I'm the third kind) are ARTIFICIALLY causing men to become ugly short maim victims.

If it's number two, and I think it is, we need to address the issue. If it's number one, I'm pleased that they can't get married, since nobody deserves their bad DNA.

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Clearly there are other options, like that women choose shit men, and some men are incel because aren't as shitty as required for dating.

In any case, all members of modern culture have shit DNA at this point, so I hope for the extinction of modern culture.

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The DNA failure won't go away if you abolish modern culture.

Women choose shit men? I don't think so. They choose hot ones worthy of sexual love.

Is a midget feminized soymale betacuck 5'10" worthy of love as he is? No. Not one bit. And the women know it because they're not retarded, even though some are halfway there.

If you are tall and handsome, kindness and intelligence ADD to it.

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You must be a delusional woman. All I ask is, please don't reproduce.

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I'm a man not a woman. I'm no expert on women, never tried dating since I've been incurably sick most of my life, why bother life is hard enough.

Perhaps I am wrong about women. But I expect them to act as such.

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You are wrong for reasons that I explain here:

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Unrelated, but I noticed a textual mistake.

The Catholic church wasn't started by Constantine, it was started by Jesus Christ. Christ established the Heirarchy and gave Peter universal jurisdiction over church affairs (pope.)

Constantine codified the bible, but he didn't start the church.