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That depends how willing you are to race mix. You can always get a donor egg and have your non white wife carry white kids.

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Honestly, if you're on this level of copium just commit crime, don't bother with the legal life anymore, you will obviously never get anywhere.

Think about chad getting orgies while we can't even get rejected by a woman because actually approaching would result in an arrest, and could only get rejected without asking.

It was all pre-determined by luck, in a disgusting world of pussies who won't rebel and chads who do nothing but look for the next opportunity to abuse whatever person they can.

It's all cults.

It's all pre-determined.

It's all hopeless.

A world this obviously purposefully bad without an afterlife is impossible.

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what are you doing to be seen as a good example of your community?
are you volunteering to make your city better? are you working with youth groups who need role models and leadership?
are you volunteering for community safety patrols?
volunteering for city garbage clean up sweeps

the only collapsible that is happening is from lazy people who would rather use drugs then sweat to make their community better.
no one wants to be with a lazy useless person who does not help their community be better.
be the leader to make your community better. and the women will flock to you.