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Okay, now you're literally making shit up, I didn't say most of that shit, it is very easy to write in whatever else you want, screenshots or didn't happen.

Edit: It absolutely doesn't matter that socks with his gorillion alts threatened to hurt, kill and dox me?

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Oh it's one of the trolls

Yeah I had my suspicions, the post voted itself to the top very fast

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He (socks) himself has threatened me with being hurt, killed and has also threatened to dox me, I have no screenshots, but most regulars of chat can vouch for that.

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Socks, go back to anger management.

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He just loves to stir a drama

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Stop using chat, because chat is cancer. That's my suggestion.

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I remember when it wasn't cancer.

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Ah yes, I remember when it meant talking IRL to people too!

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No, no, you don't understand. These idiots NEED to keep chat alive.

It's literally the only way they can spew their garbage propaganda onto unsuspecting users and feel justified that their position is correct. They cannot and will not discuss on the site/forum itself because their views are so retarded that they get banned as soon as they speak up.

Please, keep chat alive. Let them all congregate and shit all over each other there. Meanwhile, the rest of us go about our days being rational and accepting of each other, even when our outlooks differ.

The only thing I would recommend is do not let Chat spill out onto any sub. There are 2 subs that technically allow conversation about anything - so that would include Chat drama. Cancerous users take advantage of it to steer the direction of the site.

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I just noticed that! The new trolls just keep posting their stuff on chat!

They literally keep talking to each other! That's hillarious!

The only thing I would recommend is do not let Chat spill out onto any sub. There are 2 subs that technically allow conversation about anything - so that would include Chat drama. Cancerous users take advantage of it to steer the direction of the site.

These guys are proliferating... it doesn't really matter. They will go to all the communities.

Due to the nature of the website it was only a matter of time before the trolls figured out how to truly disrupt it, since it's very easy to keep creating accounts and there's no powerabuse mods like reddit. They figured out the formula and now they're executing it.

I suspect if Saidit grows it will just be a huge site of small echo chambers, like /s/lgbdropthet and /s/wayofthebern echochambers. Kind of like reddit but the user chooses what kind of censorship he gets while being able to interact with all the communities at the same time.

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lol - glowniggers ate muh brain

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you mad bro

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Being this concerned about chat says more about you than about him.

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Big whoop. Nobody cares.

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you do


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The chat is actually a old feature from the website that kind of stuck around because the admins were too lazy to remove.

In reality, it's pretty useless as an actual chat.

We all agree it's crap so just ignore it.

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Here's a suggestion, don't argue with teenagers on the internet.

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    Waah waah, am not a teenager, dum dum, you get salty because you get kicked for saying bullshit.

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    There should be no kicks or bans in chat except in the case of spamming.

    Being insulting, stupid, hostile, and violent is all fine.

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    Yeah whoever is posting these responses is definitely immature and very angry about life. I wish young males had more people in their lives who cared enough about them to get them into the counseling programs they need to heal their minds and live better happier lives. Online forums are exactly the wrong place to look for affirmation or approval.

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    Holy wall of text, batman. Creative writing is quite a talent.

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    Literally no one cares, dude.

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    You guys need to figure out how to get along. Grow the fuck up.

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      Mald harder, make shit up even harder, socko!

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      Socks, everyone is offered auto-OP. Only three people have ever taken me up on the offer, u/Alphix, u/Gravi, and u/Detty.

      Although frankly you and Ed probably shouldn't have auto-Op since you do nefarious things such as this.

      I have no interest in lording petty powers over a chat only 6 people use.

      There is one thing I fucked up on. During one of Ed's last episodes I was wrong about a couple of his alts and kicked people who totally didn't deserve it. They didn't participate in chat but idk if they were reading it anyways.

      You're just having an episode or something. Go drink water and touch grass, get some sleep, see your therapist.

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      Don't patronize me, dumbass. 1st - there's no socks here. 2nd - OPs aren't needed that much, and certainly not an idiot who actively fucks up discussions. You're avoiding the obvious. I never ask for OP, I was previously given it and didn't need to use it, except for Ed's spam. The present post is merely a way to note the demise of that chat channel, at your hands, no less. It's nothing more than that, mainly because you'd rather have idiots destroy that feature of Saidit, reducing it to an idiotic level. Remember it. You'll see the consequences in due course. Those who want Saidit to have nothing but idiots will be happy.

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      Deleting everything again because you lost? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA