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Trump was, according to them, the ultimate evil. He was all racism and transphobia and such personified and whomever wasn't him was the right choice.

Ergo, unless you want to admit you're wrong, you have to back the other team 100%.

Happily, the current team seems more than pleased to do things like encourage the censorship of their opposition, push demonstrably false lies, spread derision and division to widen the gap between the people, painting all those opposed to any ideas they put forward as evil... So it neatly fits their agenda.

In short, government now good!

The UK police have "Non-Crime Hate Events" that go on your record. Essentially, someone who isn't straight or white calls up and says you made them sad, then the police record that you're an evil racist without investigation... Without Investigation... And they call you and tell you not to be bad. You now have a police record for an event nobody can confirm, for no crime being committed, based purely off an allegation without substance or support, that nobody will represent you or defend you over... It's legal cancelling! Why wouldn't they love that? :)

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Because they got the government they wanted.

A lot of anti-establishment types don't actually want a different system, they just want themselves at the top.

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"I remember when" what year was that?

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The end began when Hillary failed to utilize the internet to beat Obama in the democrat primaries.

Then they never stopped whittling away at free discourse and now their narrative management strategies are nigh impregnable.

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What changed is that corporations are monetizing progressiveness. They run the world, lobby everything, everywhere, all at once. By forcing and pressuring others to become more like their target audience, they win more customers, which will willingly unconsciously accept their increase in power. You are a number, a part of statistics, there's a gazillion other problems to keep you distracted from your shackles, and they will inflate these problems, like evil balloons.

Aaron Swartz is dead, and with him, critical thinking and government skepticism is dead in Reddit.

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you know what they say:

The greatest thing the pandemic accomplished was turning a racist, patriarchal, evil government into a perfect entity that only has our best interest in mind and shall not be questioned

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Because you don't bite the hand that feeds you.

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Because it is owned by China and run by kikes.