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Consolidation of corporate control. The internet started out with the genuine capacity to connect people relatively directly to each other. The central control freaks managed to get hold of the infrastructure, and now all contact "person to person" is actually no longer that. It's now "person -> central censors -> person". It's the illusion of people talking to each other which - when then the censor in the middle is unrecognized - is even worse than people not being able to talk to each other in the first place.

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A lot of the censorship was pushed by government who were in turn pushed by a worried public. Most tech companies don't want to spend money censoring people.

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I think corporations didn't "want" to spend any money but realized they had to or people would use the internet to exchange info and organize and rise up. Revolutions happened in history. So corporations did spend money on paying people to be mods and admins to censor and also to develop AI that can censor for them. Corporations do spend money on things when they feel they need to.

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Nah they're just socially engineering people into being better consumers. Easy way to increase the size of a market is to increase the Lifetime Value of each customer by increasing how much they want to consume or by adding new customers (immigration).

If you learn about Time Preference then look at what all 'Woke' stuff promotes. It's basically encouraging people to be more and more impulsive/high time preference so they're more shallow, materialistic, consumeristic etc. 'But Markimus, what does gay stuff have to do with this?' look at how consumeristic gay lifestyles are, also these people have no reason to own anything because they won't pass it onto anyone, gays and such are the perfect Civilians for the capitalist world. Own nothing, be happy. Consume endlessly, have hatred for family, faith, self-reliance, asceticism etc.

The ROI of the ADL's control of the internet is huge for the jewish community and capitalists. They're simultaneously socially engineering people to be as easily controlled by jews as possible, whilst also making them ultra-consumers.

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that's the capitalist notion that we wish was true. They just want consumers. In truth there is something more important to them than profits. Not being guillotined. Woke stuff costs them profits so why do they do it according to capitalism? Cuz profits are not the most important thing. Keeping us divided and conquered does help them though, fighting ourselves rather than guillotining the rich, which both the left and right would agree to do.

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Woke stuff costs them profits so why do they do it according to capitalism?

No it doesn't. It's long term social engineering designed to make people more consumeristic.

No god? More consumption. No community? More consumption. No offspring? More consumption. Move more money into the hands of women? More consumption.

The list is endless, everything that is 'progressive', libertinist etc ultimately just leads to making people more consumerist. In the short term there are sometimes mini-boycotts when a brand does something outrageous, but what realistically is going to happen? Every single company HAS to be progressive because Finance demands this, therefore every single business you buy from is 'Woke'. There is no avoiding this for 99%+ of the population, 'go woke go broke' is nonsense cope for conservatives to feel better about the fact that the society they thought they live in doesn't actually exist and instead you just have jews and psychopathic capitalists raping your land and your children figuratively and literally.

But yes your point is also a portion of it, it works as a defence mechanism by making the population more deracinated and atomised as well as polarised along stupid lines.

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Nope, why do you think they have different rules in more censor happy countries like China?

The Guardian literally shut down the comments under their articles because they couldn't afford to moderate them any more and lost a lot of advertising money due to that.

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It's the opposite way around. The government doesn't give a fuck what the masses think, they censor because they're lobbied by people with money. Big tech censors because they're all controlled by the ADL, the ADL controls them all because they're jews who are blood related to the jews who own Blackrock. Blackrock has people on the boards of every publically traded company.

Power doesn't flow from random unorganised, unwashed masses. It flows from organised people with extreme amounts of wealth.

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Remember when people had personal homepages that were actually hosted on their home computers?

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1) trannies

2) refer to number one

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Why did "progressive" go from wanting decent healthcare for everyone and a decent wage for workers to policing people's medical choices, clamoring for state censorship, demanding obvious pronouns, and celebrating military contractor grifting in a span of 8 years?

Trump completely breaking shitlibs' brains?

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Once corporations slowly came around to realizing how much money could be made on the internet then they do what they always do and try to control it. Corporate interest and control means that the internet becomes far more mainstream than it was but it also means they'll sanitize it for the sake of profits.

You get people doing startups with loads of capital, they realize the profit potential of the internet but it's not there yet, but it doesn't matter if you've got the capital for the long game, you build it, get it working and get a user base, then sell off and fuck off before the corporate types start trying to monetize every aspect of it and kill it off.

Let's take a basic idea, YouTube everyone knows, super expensive to run it, but today it's extremely profitable, back in the day it wasn't. It was just servers eating energy. But it doesn't matter.

You make the site and set it up to use for free. As long as you throw enough capital at it, since it is free people will use it. Once you build the userbase, then you start trying to squeeze them for advertising revenue. Old YouTube had no commercials at all, now it's like all commercials. And people will get wise to it and stop leaving. The business models aren't sustainable but the massive potential for profits ensures whomever can build it and sell it off makes out like a bandit before the inevitable corporate death spiral of bureucratic profiteering sets in. Same thing happened with cable TV back in the day, initially was great, starts getting more and more expensive, more and more piecemeal, less quality content, more commercials. 1980's cable you'd get a movie with zero commercials. Today you're lucky if a 2 hour movie finishes in less than 5 hours since it is interrupted by commercials every minute or two.

Thing is once the corporate death spiral starts up you can't spook the advertisers. I wanna squirt my toothpaste commercial all over your message board, but what's this? People are making innuendos of my product? People are calling each other fags and niggers? We don't want our toothpaste brand associated with that. Better not advertise there. Company knows this and has to sanitize shit for the advertisers. And they will. And while the more eggrigiously flagrant mischiefs are usually not missed, slowly the profiteering and corporate death spiral will choke out and kill the userbase rendering the product impotent.

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I wanna squirt my toothpaste commercial all over your message board, but what's this? People are making innuendos of my product? We don't want our toothpaste brand associated with that.

Everything you said is correct and this is a brilliant answer. But the irony is that these same corporations will celebrate Gay Pride month and kowtow to trannies and men intentionally giving each other AIDS and buttfucking. Not going to even get into the pedos side of the Alphabet people.

So in reality, the "we don't want our brand associate with that" is just bullshit; it's completely all about the control. Literally nothing else but the control. Cause Bud Light had no problem ditching decades of brand loyalty to highlight Dylan Mulvaney.

Also, Sneako accidentally made a serious and popular post on here for once? I guess even a broken clock is right twice a day.

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The outrage culture running the online shame machine and the boycotts and whatever is all about control, most of the corporate responses to it are based purely on profit motives though. Most of the abjectly woke shit is targeted at the online sphere because it creates buzz, sure some of that buzz is negative but you'll never please everyone. They are making a targeted play betting on the fact that it is better to pander to gay people since gay people are statistically more likely to have more disposable income (since they are less likely to have dependents due to the inconvenient truth that men and women aren't interchangable in the art of reproduction). Now with bud light they were not expecting the outrage to come from the opposite side of where the online outrage usually comes from, but that shows a shifting of the times, the progressives are usually first to use the outrage machine in whatever form to generate their way, the so called regressives adapt to it and eventually adopt the same strategies making it a kind of zero sum game that the progressives whine and complain about for awhile like a hipster annoyed that their style actually became popular somehow, before they move onto the next novel idea and start again.

Pedophile rights it is, though that tends to die before it can take off. I reckon it will be polyamory or something first, new idea seems to be while every alternative lifestyle is equally valid, some are definitely more equally valid than others. And like, you know, if you aren't part of some massive complicated polycule are you even experiencing the real depths of human sexual experience. You monogamites can sit around in your stable two parent families enjoying each other but you miss out on the rich experiences that really make humans human, like getting surprise STD's introduced to the polycule is exactly the kind of interesting shakeup that makes life worth living! Who doesn't want genital herpes? Old fashioned monogamites that's who. Gross disgusting monogamites , they mate for life, like pidgeons, ewwwwww.

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This is a lot to break down, but the short version is, almost all of Cancel Culture and public outrage is orchestrated by corporate interests. Hell, Gina Carano said this to us in 2021 after Kathleen Kennedy fired her from The Mandalorian for not being woke enough. Hell, this was a subplot on season 2 of The Boys; only they just focused on "the alt right" and Kekistan and the Red Pill and shit.

95-99% of 'woke outrage' is orchestrated by the left, to control the left. No one in real life GIVES A SHIT about any of the crap the "woke mob" gets angry about. Like that retarded "Don't Say Gay" shit from last year. Even Zack Snyder fooled everyone with the "release the Snyder Cut" crap; no one really wanted that; he just paid all the bots and fake Twitter accounts to generate interest in it.

So THIS is why corporations can have Pride Month and buttfucking and all that crap with little pushback, but then say they don't want any "potentially problematic" YouTubers saying words like "COVID 19." Real people do not give a fuck 19 times out of 20.

Now the Bud Light thing? That was legitimate public outrage. The Cuties shit from Netflix in 2021? That was legitimate public outrage, and rightfully so. The Parental Rights in Education bill from Florida they tried to call "homophobic?" That was bullshit. And almost everything else the left "gets mad" at. It's usually corporate sabotage and Astroturfing. The puppetmasters and Reddit mods go on social media and start stirring the pot. And a few of the retards at the bottom take the bait because they're literally too stupid to think for themselves; pure NPCs. Then every media site online WITHIN HOURS start reporting on the fake news their own bosses cooked up, and try to act like it's genuine public opinion. Rinse and repeat. This is why Silicon Valley wants to control all the information online; to fabricate their own realities with it. "Fake it till you make it" IRL.

But "woke outrage" is usually orchestrated by corporations and fake-but -moderate/conservative outrage is genuine, but rare. I'm not sure if we're saying the same thing or not.

And for the polyamory example, they literally already did that with all the gross, nasty part-time lesbians out there. That's why they all now proudly put the "bi" label on their social media bios now. Obnoxious, but it saves me time giving attention to an attention-whore half-assed lesbian.

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At some point it was decided words were the same as violence. In some cases words are actually worse than violence because you could say something mean to someone and they could like ... er ... feel really really bad or ... something.

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Words were equated with violence after people gained the ability to disseminate widely the popular disgust with our official class. Because the "elite" [in their own minds] are absolutely unable to engage in direct honest debate with the overwhelming and accurate criticism leveled at them, they fell back on history's infinitely repeated plan B: create an excuse and use actual violence to censor your critics' "violent ideas" (which the elites lie in order to manufacture that such exists). This is just new technology in service of an idea as old itself as large-scale civilizations.

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You could've just said "a bunch of faggots got upset".

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Because we made it super easy for technological idiots to get on the internet.

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Jewish power got spooked by people discussing things freely without the Jew filter their monopoly on old media had previously provided. So they used their massive wealth to buy it up, use it to spew 24/7 propaganda, and then censored anything they didn't like.

That's kind of an over simplification of it, but that's the gist of what happened. This hysterical Jewish reaction accelerated dramatically with the rise of the alt right and populism fueled by the internet.

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Maybe it's you who changed - before, you hardly noticed that you were sharing the internet with people who were politically different from you. But, now, you have become so polarised that you immediately cotton on when someone doesn't virtue signal to your group....from your perspective, it's the internet that changed, but in reality, it's you just becoming more intolerant of people who think differently to you

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Wrong. Anyone who has used the internet at the early days especially before the advent of web 2.0 will understand there were no talks of political jargon. Literally every interaction centered around virtually everything else, mostly hobbies and interests.

Hell, even back then no one knew what it meant to be right or left wing. I recall the bush era online being completely absent of his criticism or support especially compared to now and the bad orange man. Back then it was authentic, now it is full of brainwashed jackasses that read from the latest script in support of the current thing or it is filled with people that challenge that. No longer is there a middle ground for genuine conversation.

NOW, everything has been polluted by identity politics. The irony is that the people you speak of have controlled the spaced and jewd everything beyond repair by censoring anyone and everything that does not conform to their leftist dogma.

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No, I think it's you that's wrong. You're wrong

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You can always tell the Redditors from the Saiditors. Insert Soyjak meme here.

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Jews were made aware of its potential and they had to destroy it before it was used against them (access to information, fact checking the establsihment).

This was facilitated by the rise of obamaphones that enabled every trashy person to use the service and destroy the quality of interaction

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Well having a group of feminized gay pseudo-nazis having influence over the narratives was rather convenient for the stablisment to mass censor everything and isolate rebel groups.

Either way, the Internet is pretty damn edgy nowadays regardless...

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Brain damage, it’s becoming the norm.

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They let Big Tech control the net instead of independent small companies and organizations.

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I'll stick my dick in the wage gap.

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people afraid of being banned so they pretend to be woke. Also bots.

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Because advertisers and corporate entities took it over and greedy dumbfuck YouTubers let them. The Adpocalypse is when everything turned to shit, so 2017 is the specific year it all went downhill, though it was leaning that way since 2012.

That's why I'll never respect full-time YouTubers; the retards who call themselves "content creators." They suck dick to a company that abuses them and can terminate their "career" in an instant, for any reason they feel like or no reason at all, and they self-censored the entire internet into a faggy hugbox "Safe Space" where you can't even call someone a faggot anymore. YouTubers capitulated to corporations and the rest of the social media sites followed suit.