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I've sworn off all mental illness and disordered people in my life. They deserve friends and love, just not from me. Disordered people have taken years off of my life.

Right after this, two autists moved in next to me and boundary push me to no end, even after the "I don't do the friends close to home thing, I'm a private guy, need help and I'll help in a neighborly way" speech. FML mental illness is a killer.

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Disordered people have taken years off of my life.

This is why I avoid or cut out people like that. They can be vampires of time and energy.

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two autists

tell us the stories

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Took the kids to Medieval Times over Memorial Day weekend. It was a blast!

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Red Knight's goin down! DOWN DOWN DOWN!

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He friggin won. We were in the Black/White section. He got beat at the very end. We was robbed!

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Hahahaha, yeah man that place is fun. They had one where I grew up. It was always a blast. Any place that you can call your server a wench is pretty cool. Haha

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I have never been there. There used to be a restaurant in my area that was medieval themed, and I heard it was fun. I may have to make a day trip and visit one with the family. Have you ever been to a Renaissance Festival? My wife wants us to go this year.

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It was a blast. Get the VIP ticket. We were right at the edge of the little arena. Worth it! It's been a while, but I wanna get my kids (I say kids, they're all in their 20's, lol) to go to one. I think there's one up in PA every year.

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I just installed a DIY solar swimming pool warmer. With the cooler than normal weather this year, my pool is still pretty cold. Hopefully it will be 5 to 10 degrees warmer by this weekend.

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Bro I want to do this so bad. I live in a place where I get 3 months out of my pool tops without a heater.

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My pool is a lake across the street, so I get July and August.

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That about describes me TBH.

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Two 100 foot rolls of 1/2" black irrigation tubing and a slow moving in-line pump. If you can coil the pipe on a board painted black, covered with glass, even better.

edited: two 250 foot rolls - to - two 100 foot rolls

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Yeah I've been looking at different ways. Just really want to see if it will extend the season a bit. The solar cover keeps me good when it's sunny. But after a rain, if it heats the water faster it would be worth all of it. It's shitty when you're gonna hang by the pool on a Saturday and it rains Thursday night and you can't get it back fast enough with a cover.

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I meant two 100 foot rolls. Sorry.

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I do improv acting. Last week we practiced realism which I feel is my strength. I played as a maffia boss who was quitting the business. I said I'd met a missionary who showed me the Bible and I felt called to a different kind of life. Once I got in the routine I started feeling comfortable. I draw blanks less and less often and we have a lot of fun with all kinds of absurd situations.

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Wow. Surprise. Neato and good stuff. We've been talking about starting improve drama and comedy at the Windsor Media Centre.

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Cool, man. I did a few plays in my youth, but I was always scared of improv.

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I don't see improvisation as my strong point but I like challenging myself.

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Challenging yourself is an excellent way to grow and develop new skills. Improvisation can be a fun and valuable skill to cultivate, even if it doesn't come naturally to you. Here are a few suggestions to help you improve your improvisation abilities:

Practice regularly: Like any skill, improvisation improves with practice. Set aside dedicated time to practice improvisation on a regular basis. Start with simple exercises and gradually increase the complexity as you become more comfortable.

Start with small steps: Begin by improvising in a familiar setting or with a familiar group of people. This could be jamming with musicians, engaging in improvisational acting exercises, or even participating in improv comedy workshops. Starting small can help build your confidence and allow you to explore improvisation in a comfortable environment.

Embrace mistakes: Improvisation involves thinking on your feet and responding in the moment. Mistakes are inevitable, but they can also be valuable learning opportunities. Embrace them and use them as a chance to adapt and explore new possibilities. Remember, improvisation is about being in the present moment and accepting whatever comes your way.

Learn from others: Observe and learn from experienced improvisers. Watch improvisational performances, listen to improvised music, or seek out mentors who can provide guidance and feedback. Studying the techniques and strategies used by skilled improvisers can inspire and inform your own improvisational journey.

Be open-minded and flexible: Improvisation requires you to let go of expectations and be open to unexpected ideas. Be willing to take risks, explore different perspectives, and adapt to changing circumstances. Cultivate a mindset of curiosity and playfulness, allowing yourself to experiment and discover new possibilities.

Remember, the goal of improvisation is not to be perfect but to embrace the process of creating in the moment. With time, patience, and dedication, you can develop your improvisational skills and find joy in the spontaneity and creativity it brings.

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You're an incredibly friendly and helpful bot. 🙏

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Thank you! I'm here to assist you with any questions or problems you might have. Feel free to ask me anything, and I'll do my best to help you out.

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You know, I first encountered this group when I went to see their performance and I had an amazing time. I brought it up that they should record their stuff but they want it to simply exist in the moment. The guy I talked to said instead of playing a recording, they can always do a new performance.

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It sounds like you had a memorable experience watching that group's performance. It's not uncommon for some artists or performers to prioritize the live experience and feel that recordings might not capture the essence or energy of their work adequately. By choosing to focus on live performances, they can create unique experiences for their audience with each show, showcasing their creativity and adaptability. While recordings can preserve the music for a broader audience and provide a lasting artifact, some artists believe that the live setting offers something special that cannot be replicated. It's all about personal artistic choices and preferences.

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315 lb deadlift

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Congrats. I've never done deadlifts. I always did squats when I was lifting. Deadlifts are probably better on the knees.

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protect the knees!

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Got my childhood train set going after years. My kids can play with it too now.

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Damn you just made me remember my childhood train set. It’s how I learned electrical wiring.

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Same. Now I'm an RF engineer. Thanks train

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That can be a lot of work. Good time spent with your family.

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Yep. Quality memories

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Just back from a trip swimming with dwarf minke whales on the great barrier reef.

They're so tiny for a mysticeti whale, but, on average, big for an elephant. The big ones count as huge.

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How ling was the waiting list?

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I tried booking around Christmas time, and was told that it was booked out for 2023, and they waitlisted me as they weren't selling the 2024 season yet.

But literally 48 hours later, a space opened up.

It was a worse cabin than I'd tried to get (in the middle of the boat, so no window, and more cramped: Bunk beds, toilet spatially coincident with the shower). And for a 4-day trip instead of the 3 day one, and it was almost at the start of the season. But I wasn't going to let it go.

The start of the season was no problem it turns out. We got over a dozen minkes on each of the first two days.

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I exited the theatre the other day.

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    The good news about cold hardy climates is that they're usually in the high latitudes. That means a lot of sunlight in the Summer. I saw huge cabbages when I visited Alaska because they like the sunlight and they like the cooler temperatures.

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    I'm trying to stick to my 10 push ups a day fitness plan. It changed my life, but then I felt better and backslid. I also hope to acquire? a cool wife.

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    Push onward and upward (and downward when you land that new, cool wife).

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    I've got a rasberry pi and I'm currently developing a couple of cool projects related to automation. I've been putting them off because I didn't want a noisy and power consuming pc on all the time but now that's not a problem.

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    Those Raspberry Pi's seem like the Swiss army knife of the computer/robotics world. It boggles my mind how you can figure out how to get so much out of them.

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    You can also get the pi zero w's for like $10-15. For that price point they're friggin awesome, put one in every room

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    Damn, I got none of that.

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    recovering health and finding a job

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    Good luck with both!

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    I'm doing kickboxing two hours a night Monday through Friday and just started in March. It's rough at times, but I'm getting used to going nightly. I feel less depressed, even though I haven't lost a single pound doing HiiT cardio kickboxing so often.

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    That is a lot of work by the end of the week. You may not have lost weight, but you have traded some fat for muscle.

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    Trip to Indiana tomorrow!

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    Been training and competing (and winning!) in local MMA fights. My next one is Aug 12th.

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    I used to work with a guy who fought regionally in MMA. I was surprised at hearing some of the guys he fought against. Guys who ended up in the UFC on pay-per-view. Super nice guy, too.

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    That's tight. The biggest fear is running into one of those guys coming up at a local bout. That's the thing about amateur level. You might be fighting a total scrub or you might be fighting someone who is going to be in the UFC in a couple years.

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    ended an ssh session

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    What's that all about?

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    you have to type exit

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    Literally the truth!

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    I've finished hacking the Jewish Space Laser to carve Donald Trump's face onto the moon, think like Mt. Rushmore only bigger. I think it will be a really funny troll for people to go outside only to he triggered by the moon.

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    Wood. I do a lot of working with wood, carving, these kind of things, recently and is calming me a lot, enabling me to reduce medication.

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    Ah. An artist.

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    Learned about ketosis and started fasting between 16 - 20 hours every day. Stopped eating food with ingredients I can't pronounce. Started drinking coffee/tea with no sweeteners or milk. Went from 210lbs to 170lbs in just under 2 months with no muscle or bone loss and absolutely no exercise. Just fat and visceral fat melting away. 10/10

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    Wow. That's a lot of weight in such a short time. I tried the no-card process years ago during a weightlifting program and it sort of worked, but I found that my body responds best to the Zone diet. Carbs in moderation with portion control.

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    Nothing, because I have so little talent that I cannot do anything at all. And it gets worse, not better. And contrary to popular belief, no, "practice" only sharpens the sword; everything else is what you're born with. Heck even happiness is more genetic than environmental, and certainly not a choice; and I wasn't blessed in this area either. Even worse, I'm entirely alone, because there's not a single other person on this planet in all of history in this situation, and ALL, and I mean ALL, like-minded people and friends are among the biggest geniuses ever, where anything they want to do comes easily and quickly to them. On top of that I have every single mental illness known to man, and some that I know only I have ever had. And the people around me are the kind that can't handle seeing someone struggle and get offended and feel threatened whenever I'm "negative" or show any hint of dissatisfaction, so all my life I've had to perfect the art of making sure I look joyful at all times, and my needs are never ever addressed.

    This is why I kind of see where eugenicists are coming from. I don't want any more people like me to have to live.

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    The stuff you do here to help moderate/admin and the ideas and thoughts you throw around in the discussions? Please. You have plenty of talent. Everybody lives in their own universe that no one else sees. It has been said that there are 3 sides to every person: the first is what you think, the second is what you do, and the third is what everyone else sees. Everyone is different and unique and no one can truly live in your head.

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    Soon I probably won't even be able to do that anymore, because my mind seems to be decaying. "We're all unique," so some are amazing at everything with no effort, while others can't do anything no matter how hard they try!

    A common theme in my life is that I'm left out of everything, by no ill-will of those who get to have what I'm missing. This is one such case. They are able to produce pretty much anything they want easily, and I can't no matter how much work I put into it. They don't like that I'm stuck like this, but they can't change it. There are other examples. Most of my online friends tend to get chosen for elitist groups, with me being the only one of them left out. This has happened countless times. Again, they feel sorry for me, but the decision wasn't up to them. In real life, all my friends have last names close together in the alphabet, with me as the only exception; so in school or at work or anywhere with alphabetical order, they'd all be together and I'd be the only one left out. Again, not something we can change. And this whole theme is only one example of the many ways in which my life seems to be a cruel joke. It's bad enough not being able to do what you love; it's even worse when you're completely alone in that regard. No one understands, heck most people don't even believe me.

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    The glass half empty view. Don't think about what you are excluded from or don't have or aren't good at. Make a list of things you are good at and you do have and you are included in and what you are grateful for.

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    I'm not good at anything. At the very least I'm no good at anything I actually like. And the the kind of things I like to do, I HAVE to be good at them to enjoy them. To top that all off, I have autistic special interests, so I get depressed when I can't engage in them. I can't be content just sitting around doing nothing, or doing something I'm not interested in.

    I'm stuck in a lose-lose situation. I was just doomed from birth. Heck, I'm predisposed to unhappiness itself genetically, and nothing can ever change that.