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Reddit: Censorship, biased admins and mods with agendas. Corporations, etc.

Twitter; Idiots. Short character limit that encourages implusiveness and stupidity. The amount of utter shite that gets retweeted and liked on that site is ridiculous. I never really liked the idea anyways and only used it for my line of work.

Instagram; Self-image issues. Haven't had an account for over 5 years and I'm fine without it to be honest.

Yahoo Answers; I didn't know what Reddit was lol.

Facebook; I rejected the idea for the most part because I didn't agree with what they did and how they collected our data, but this girl wanted to speak to me using the messenger app and so I created an account. After a while we stopped talking and so I saw no reason to keep the account.

Imgur; Yea, I unironically used Imgur for a while. I left soon after because I was getting downvoted for images I thought were alright. Like, downvoted really badly. It was a picture of a motorbike and no one liked it, and the people in the comments were quite rude about it. Worse than Reddit to be honest. These days I only use it for image hosting, it's original intention before it went rogue and caused a divide between Reddit.

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I know this is old, but I posted a picture of my boxes for my pc parts on imgur and got downvoted for it, imgur is awful. All I use my account for is image hosting every now and then