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Mastodon is new decentralized sort of Twitter-like social media worth checking out. Anyone can host their own feed and co-host others in the Fediverse (I'm new and don't know the correct terms). They've just released a new version :

Maybe start a SaidIt feed for kicks? Maybe it could evolve into SaidIt 2.0?

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Anyone can host their own complete, stand-alone copy of Mastodon which can connect to others almost seamlessly; the only difference between them is the "local timeline", which is a list of all of the public posts posted on that server.

In the latest update they've made it easier to access the "Federated timeline" which is kind of a limited version of /s/all (it can't contain every post because there's no way of having a list of all servers; it just contains posts that have been referenced on that server).

Edit: I just noticed that the Federated timeline is actually working as you'd expect it to. Hooray for libre FOSS!

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As @JasonCarswell I joined then tried to join another and just re-registered accidentally on when all I was trying to do was cross over the Fediverse. Frustrated I abandoned it for now.

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"Crossing over" is only achievable by creating another account; there's a way to link them on your profile. I don't see why you'd want to, though, other than to view the Local Timeline.

However, you can interact with people and posts all across the Fediverse simply by looking at their posts and trying to interact with them. Don't click log in; you're not trying to log in! The software prompts you to log in, and you can then log into the place where you've got an account. Example: Look at this post, and try to interact with it; it'll prompt you to log in, and you can log in with

The update you were talking about made this a little easier.