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Reddit because I posted about how Q was a LARP and was banned.

Twitter - I signed up for an account - signed into my brand new shiny account and found I was already banned... I guess my username is on a list, after eveything I've said on youtube.

I'm also shadowbanned on youtube apparently.

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Reddit because I posted about how Q was a LARP and was banned.

Haha that is hilarious. You think that'd be the one place where you could say that. Every subreddit is such an echo-chamber, it's a problem. We hope to develop a cross-posting system for saidit someday, where one post and one comment section can be shared by multiple subs at once, and hopefully that'd mitigate the echo-chamber nature of things a bit.

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That both went over my head and sounds really really awesome - I stopped programming when I couldn't get C++ pointers to work.

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I run from pointers, haven't seen one in 10 years.

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Meanwhile, I love pointers :P . How else is one supposed to, for example, share an array between threads?

Not that they aren't complicated…

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For sure, all would be lost without them. I ride on the back of pointers, blissfully unaware of them in muh high level languages.

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Wotz pointers?

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It's a mechanism in low level languages like c or c++ that let's you refer to memory addresses/locations directly. If you mess it up your app or whole system crashes.

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How do you pronounce your name? On YouTube was it for comments or content that you're shadobanned?

Mastodon is new decentralized sort of Twitter-like social media worth checking out. Anyone can host their own feed and co-host others in the Fediverse (I'm new and don't know the correct terms). They've just released a new version :

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Comments, from what I and the people who pointed it out can determine, it was posting this

Yes, I've read it all.

All I can say is "The King in Yellow wishes to take you to Carcosa"

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Gee... hm...

40 years of notes from someone: Invited to Satanists, transsexual prostitutes/black mass, uh... parties, stories, numbers/locations, mechanisms of power, encounters, people - "lore" and rituals...

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Everyone has stories.

I lived in NYC for 5 years. I lived in SF for 5 years. I went to Burning Man for 10.

Goofballs like Jan Irving of Logos Media say I'm on the left-hand path but don't even know my nor my experiences. There's actually a LOT of good, indie, and anti-establishment things in the Burning Man communities besides the stuff that's hyped up by MSM. For example, the gift economy and anti-commercialization priorities, democratic processes, the live and let live tolerances, even for freaks (whatever that may mean) and peaceful "left-hand path" folks (whatever that may mean). I was a 9/11 truther but I wasn't fully woke yet so I had no idea about this stuff and saw nothing untoward anyway.

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Wait, I didn't even know you could get shadowbanned on YouTube. What did you do?

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I traced it back to posting this blog.

Yes, I've read it all - worth every hour.