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reddit: because it got taken over by corporations and shills, and the mods and admins basically promoted it

voat: because their answer to everything is "jews did it" or "blacks did it". It's always about race with them, despite ideologies being the primary driver of action, not race.

twitter: because browsing it is a disjointed cluttered mess, and you don't get much about of the tiny character limit

That said, I still go to reddit and voat occasionally. But I can only take so much of each

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Mastodon is new decentralized sort of Twitter-like social media worth checking out. Anyone can host their own feed and co-host others in the Fediverse (I'm new and don't know the correct terms). They've just released a new version :

Maybe start a SaidIt feed for kicks? Maybe it could evolve into SaidIt 2.0?

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Anyone can host their own complete, stand-alone copy of Mastodon which can connect to others almost seamlessly; the only difference between them is the "local timeline", which is a list of all of the public posts posted on that server.

In the latest update they've made it easier to access the "Federated timeline" which is kind of a limited version of /s/all (it can't contain every post because there's no way of having a list of all servers; it just contains posts that have been referenced on that server).

Edit: I just noticed that the Federated timeline is actually working as you'd expect it to. Hooray for libre FOSS!

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As @JasonCarswell I joined then tried to join another and just re-registered accidentally on when all I was trying to do was cross over the Fediverse. Frustrated I abandoned it for now.

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"Crossing over" is only achievable by creating another account; there's a way to link them on your profile. I don't see why you'd want to, though, other than to view the Local Timeline.

However, you can interact with people and posts all across the Fediverse simply by looking at their posts and trying to interact with them. Don't click log in; you're not trying to log in! The software prompts you to log in, and you can then log into the place where you've got an account. Example: Look at this post, and try to interact with it; it'll prompt you to log in, and you can log in with

The update you were talking about made this a little easier.

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I've never completely left anywhere, but I am avoiding Reddit more since I and others have been getting more and more arbitrary bans. The discussion there is also much less mature, with more ad-hominem attacks and similar.

I'm actually going on Twitter more than before, but still avoid it for the same reason I always have: The tiny character limit.

I never went on Facebook and avoid Quora because of the real name policies, since I really hate using my legal name, which I have never been called even by my parents!

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Quora banned me for life without reason or the ability to save my weeks worth of work. I was their #1 NWO guy (not that it means anything) and was strong on 9/11. And I was active in faaar more topics than just conspiracy shit.

Mastodon is new decentralized sort of Twitter-like social media worth checking out. Anyone can host their own feed and co-host others in the Fediverse (I'm new and don't know the correct terms). They've just released a new version :

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Mastodon looks interesting! I think I might set up a node for it based roughly on the SaidIt rules.

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If you do let me/us know.

I may too.

I'm going to take my old box, gut it, and put Linux Mint on it. Over the next half year I'll fill it with drives and start transferring over from my 2 Win7 boxes. Then I'll do the same to them.

During this process I'll likely try to add "things" to that old/new Mint box, like make a Mastodon node, IPFS, Holochain, and maybe PeerTube or whatever.

What I really need is a serious rack and some extra drives to start building some FreeNAS raids to be more secure against drive failure. Then I can offload my copious collection of full drives of everything interesting under the sun on to them, then reuse those drives in more FreeNAS raids.

And hopefully I'll be able to somehow join the QRL VPN and add IPFS and/or Holochain. My IP says I'll have fibre within the year so that's promising.

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I don't like it when Quora keeps asking me 1000 times to edit my questions. Before that Yahoo answers was my Go to for answers on everything.

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They never gave me an option. Deleted without warning.

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I left Digg because I thought it was rigged.

Went to Reddit. Now it seems like its getting censored.

so I'm here.

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I really hope this website takes off, and those who realise what Reddit has become go to here instead.

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I just hope the leadership here can resist the situation or temptation that the leaders of Digg, Reddit, and Voat all seemed to have fell for as time went on. Human nature is hard to overcome.

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That's also something I've worried about.

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For sure, but so far magnora and derr who I think are the only owners here have been proving to be outstanding. I don't know what way to make sure or monitor that it stays that way. But I think that's the only structure we need to worry about.

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Reddit because I posted about how Q was a LARP and was banned.

Twitter - I signed up for an account - signed into my brand new shiny account and found I was already banned... I guess my username is on a list, after eveything I've said on youtube.

I'm also shadowbanned on youtube apparently.

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Reddit because I posted about how Q was a LARP and was banned.

Haha that is hilarious. You think that'd be the one place where you could say that. Every subreddit is such an echo-chamber, it's a problem. We hope to develop a cross-posting system for saidit someday, where one post and one comment section can be shared by multiple subs at once, and hopefully that'd mitigate the echo-chamber nature of things a bit.

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That both went over my head and sounds really really awesome - I stopped programming when I couldn't get C++ pointers to work.

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I run from pointers, haven't seen one in 10 years.

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Meanwhile, I love pointers :P . How else is one supposed to, for example, share an array between threads?

Not that they aren't complicated…

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For sure, all would be lost without them. I ride on the back of pointers, blissfully unaware of them in muh high level languages.

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Wotz pointers?

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It's a mechanism in low level languages like c or c++ that let's you refer to memory addresses/locations directly. If you mess it up your app or whole system crashes.

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How do you pronounce your name? On YouTube was it for comments or content that you're shadobanned?

Mastodon is new decentralized sort of Twitter-like social media worth checking out. Anyone can host their own feed and co-host others in the Fediverse (I'm new and don't know the correct terms). They've just released a new version :

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Comments, from what I and the people who pointed it out can determine, it was posting this

Yes, I've read it all.

All I can say is "The King in Yellow wishes to take you to Carcosa"

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Gee... hm...

40 years of notes from someone: Invited to Satanists, transsexual prostitutes/black mass, uh... parties, stories, numbers/locations, mechanisms of power, encounters, people - "lore" and rituals...

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Everyone has stories.

I lived in NYC for 5 years. I lived in SF for 5 years. I went to Burning Man for 10.

Goofballs like Jan Irving of Logos Media say I'm on the left-hand path but don't even know my nor my experiences. There's actually a LOT of good, indie, and anti-establishment things in the Burning Man communities besides the stuff that's hyped up by MSM. For example, the gift economy and anti-commercialization priorities, democratic processes, the live and let live tolerances, even for freaks (whatever that may mean) and peaceful "left-hand path" folks (whatever that may mean). I was a 9/11 truther but I wasn't fully woke yet so I had no idea about this stuff and saw nothing untoward anyway.

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Wait, I didn't even know you could get shadowbanned on YouTube. What did you do?

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I traced it back to posting this blog.

Yes, I've read it all - worth every hour.

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I quit twitter because it was fun in the beginning, tweeting from your (now) antique smartphone that you are going to take a shit and various thoughts popping up during lectures, but around 2014-2015 it was an ad infested and mostly dominated by 'influencers' that the fun wasn't there.

I quit facebook/instagram so I could have conversations with people instead of being asked for my facebook, giving it and being scrutinized for my musical tastes and excluded from party invite lists because 'it wouldn't suit me'. (Like PKD said: In 1945 Germany was defeated but the Nazi's won)

This all happened 2014-2015. In the Summer of 2018 I heard about saidit and joined after a day or two clicking around and thinking up a sick handle. I guess about a week, or max a month, later I discovered Mastodon so since then I'm back into (real) social-media without too much personal details.

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Where you at on Mastodon? I joined recently but haven't participated or explored. I'm still consumed by SaidIt and Discord.

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on .social, My handle is not hard to guess nor easy to forget.

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I don't know how it works yet. Link?

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It works like: @username@domain

So @[MyreallyOriginalHandle, Really, like, really, original]@social search for that and you'll find.

Now, I recommend reading at least this:

I don't recall if it explains why giving you a link might be a bigger pain in your [rear end] to figure out how to add me because well... Things work different in the fediverse compared to ONE SERVICE TO RULE THEM ALL and Mastodon is pretty keen in some ways to help with privacy. [Pictures and Video's don't last as you might expect them to].

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I was a big fan of Reddit until I saw this page: (wait for it to load and look for the red posts)

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Does that basically show everything deleted and removed by mods on reddit? That's cool! I remember there used to be ceddit, which did something similar, but I think it shut down.

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Yeah removed by mods stuff. I think this is ceddit, just not with that domain name. It's all the same dude, and also the same dude that has pushshift that entire public Reddit backup.

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Oh wow. That's one busy dude.

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Have you considered reaching out to him/her/them? Perhaps technical assistance porting to decentralized stuff?

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I was huge into all of them in 2004-2007. I jumped off the face of the social media map in 2010-ish. I started coming back in 2015. Quora banned me for no reason and stole all my work, and others. I had joined Steemit in 2016 and discovered the alt-wiki InfoGalactic just before I was banned from Wikipedia for a year, 2017, for being "another polite truther". A couple months ago I discovered SaidIt, Discord, and joined Mastodon. For years I've been promising to set up ZeroNet and IPFS but I haven't yet. Now add Holochain too.

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Left Reddit bc the mods are tyrants and one particular sub used to help ppl but now practically everyone who tries to post or comment gets booted. I joined here bc the info I was looking for was reliable.

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too much censorship for reddit

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Reddit: Censorship, biased admins and mods with agendas. Corporations, etc.

Twitter; Idiots. Short character limit that encourages implusiveness and stupidity. The amount of utter shite that gets retweeted and liked on that site is ridiculous. I never really liked the idea anyways and only used it for my line of work.

Instagram; Self-image issues. Haven't had an account for over 5 years and I'm fine without it to be honest.

Yahoo Answers; I didn't know what Reddit was lol.

Facebook; I rejected the idea for the most part because I didn't agree with what they did and how they collected our data, but this girl wanted to speak to me using the messenger app and so I created an account. After a while we stopped talking and so I saw no reason to keep the account.

Imgur; Yea, I unironically used Imgur for a while. I left soon after because I was getting downvoted for images I thought were alright. Like, downvoted really badly. It was a picture of a motorbike and no one liked it, and the people in the comments were quite rude about it. Worse than Reddit to be honest. These days I only use it for image hosting, it's original intention before it went rogue and caused a divide between Reddit.

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I know this is old, but I posted a picture of my boxes for my pc parts on imgur and got downvoted for it, imgur is awful. All I use my account for is image hosting every now and then