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On issue 2, you dismiss the known social factors, and insist genetics should be responsible, then on issue 3, you want to appeal solely to a social factor again. This is complex and multifactorial. Even something as small as fluoride exposure can statistically affect IQ. What is the average age of the mothers in these groups, does it differ? That matters too, older mothers have children with lower IQs. Furthermore, what are the traits of the people most likely to immigrate? If Indian, they are likely to be highly educated to be able to get Visas here, even though the average IQ in India is quite low. If south american, they are likely uneducated. You would need to control for a whole lot more variables to make the kind of statistical inferences you want. There could be many many reasons that could account for the data you are looking at

Higher IQ means higher income.

Thats not how statistics work, higher IQ implies higher income all other things being equal, i.e. it only means that when ALL the other contributing factors are exactly the same, and we have no idea if that is the case from the data you have listed

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I'm sure that those numbers are as accurate as the election was accurate in 2020

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For Issue #1, don't dismiss out of hand that it could actually be true. Hybrid vigor is a thing.

But it's also a small sample size and there could be all sorts of social effects going on. For instance maybe most Asian Indians stick to their own kind, but those in high status professions are likely to marry someone else in that profession instead. So it could be that half-Indians are statistically likely to have two doctors for parents. Just the first plausible sounding example that came to mind, but you know, something like that.