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You just need to demonstrate your mating value to these bitches. I find women are impressed and become aroused when I show them how big of a dump I can take. Their panties start dropping when they see I can clog an industrial toilet without even wiping first

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That's very insightful. I wish I could give you the insightful vote 4 times.

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I have a hairy chest and I've had many women rub my chest and say they love it, that I look like a man.

I'm also jacked as fuck from years of powerlifting so that probably has an effect too.

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The jacked up probably 100% helps ya 😂

I had women and men feel my hairy chest and let me tell you it makes me feel super uncomfortable 😂

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First thinks first: Women like men not overthinking everything.

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But women also like men dressing well... and want men to make everything ready like the dates

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I like human beings to be able to think on their feet.

Women even more than men.

Idealisations and "expectations" the same as an attitude or "taste" for "perfection" only lead into emotional canyons, imo.

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Too hairy is not good. You don't want to look unevolved. But hair is better than no hair, especially if you are not fat. If you are muscular with moderate hair you are peak male. If you are skinny hair is bad.

The last seems contradictory at first, but it indicates you have had the benefit of testosterone and still look like a preteen. That's a turn off.

The more hair you have the more muscular you should be.

Teens and early 20s get a pass, you still have time to mature.

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Yeah thanks for the answer you actually sound like a female.

It does sound a bit confusing. Like I need a specific type of hair if I'm not fat? 😅 well thanks for the answer actually useful

Oh yeah what about the penis area? Hairy or shaved or in-between?

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Like a pornstar

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welp time to look at penises of pornstars

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Grown women like hairy men.

The reddit ideal perfect aged girl will only like blond blue eyed or effeminate skinny K-pop hairless guys.

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Straight women like light hair on guys; not too hairy, not completely hairless. Hair is filthy and a natural dirt magnet, which is why a hairy unshaved woman is masculine and disgusting. Men can mostly get away with being a little dirty though, which is why some women love the werewolf types.

As for the dykes you mentioned? They like thick jungle bushes when going down on other women, I've learned.

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I know most men like women being feminine and clean that's why they go for the shaved one. But I didn't know women liked their male partners being a little dirty... that's interesting.

I'm not talking about bi's because they like both men and women so they could like a feminine or masculine male or a feminine or masculine female it makes it into a unproductive discussion.

What you said does make sense though, bisexual people tend to prefer the other gender more so when a bisexual women goes on a female if they have hair they're more "dirty" so it goes hand in hand.

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Heterosexuality is a choice and a choice to consent to rape by the oppressor classes. Breeder bitches are handmaids. I am tired of them taking away our men while pussy blocking lesbians. Especially the white ones. They destroyed both Ricky Schroder and Jason Bateman.

Stop encouraging this breeder degeneracy and let men be with other men exclusively.

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The women like the big bepis.

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They actually like specific sizes of penis

So even if you have a big penis you'll never be enough for your woman

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Not penis, bepis.

I was just being silly. I don't think there's one universal preference, although I'd say while women often appreciate a good beard, you're probably better off shaving it if it doesn't come in well.

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Pubes or everywhere?