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Because reddit is a cesspool of censorship now. It has become totally unusable

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Reddit was sabotaged because it had global reach. Said it is local as fuck. NWO can only be rolled out if the sheep cannot communicate as to the operations that are in place, and/or attempt to sabotage them.

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You're talking about the porn ban, right?

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I thought porn was allowed on reddit. I was talking about wrongthink about vaccines, transgenderism, or whatever else they are censoring these days

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That's not the only type of censorship over reddit. There's also shadowbans, both for comments and votes. I wonder how many people know that votes aren't counted unless the user has gained certain amount of karma in that sub? There must be hundred of thousands of votes discarded every day from users that did nothing wrong.

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There must be hundred of thousands of votes discarded every day from users bots that did nothing wrong.

Fixed that for you

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I'm using both until enough people have moved over here. But yeah, the reason I started going here was because I'm tired of the goddamn normies and their trans bullshit. Being afraid that my account gets banned because I offended some gender cosplayer is not really a good climate to have a discussion in. And mind you, I'm so fucking tired of extremist politics because either it's the fucking gay-hating bible thumper crazies or it's the left sickos who think you should let kids mutilate themselves to follow a goddamn trend. I say this as a bisexual male nerd who's tired of seeing the world slide into insanity with the woke agenda that promotes racism, gender divides and reinforces gender stereotypes and hate.

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Hear hear

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Because the Reddit userbase is literally the shittiest, far-left, woke, negative, hateful, mean-spirited, horrendous, fucked-up people I have EVER experienced on the entire internet. Seriously, FUCK every single typical soyjak "Redditor." They're the few people I wouldn't feel sorry for if they were all executed by terrorists. Every single one of them are "Cancel Culture" types.

I'm sure there are worse people online, but I don't use Discord or Twitter (not that the Blue Checkmarks aren't the exact same people as Reddit mods.) I got banned from Reddit recently despite having my own subreddit ( where I mostly just posted memes and personal musings. I almost never interacted with the pieces-of-shit that make up Reddit.

I don't even hate Reddit, as a website. The site idea is fine, its the people on it that make Reddit unusable. Which is why I'm glad I found this site. Assuming the people on here aren't Cancel-Culture, Progressive shitheads with pure hatred and misery in their hearts, this site is exactly what I'd want: Reddit without the shitstain Redditors. (And hopefully, without the extreme censorship that comes with them.)

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You can take the redditor out of reddit but you can't take the reddit out of the redditor.

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    Seeing that pic, I'm SO glad I got banned from that piece of shit site.

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    You can say many mean words here that are no-no words on Reddit, you can discuss anything banned on Reddit and well just be yourself here.

    You don't have to abide by the ridiculous dogma of Reddit.

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    and well just be yourself here.

    That's transphobic.

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    Cuz I'm permabanned by tranny mods, lol

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    Be afraid of people like them. They have all the time in the world compared to people who have normal lives.

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    Yeah, I know that.

    Although, I will come back there, I won't let troon mods win, no way.😤

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    I got banned from reddit

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    cause my jokes offended everyone.

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    Reddit is pioneering manipulation tactics and technology that leverages massive data collection, and most likely AI. Just using it lets them manipulate you in ways you can't detect. The only way to know it is happening is to stay away long enough that you start to notice how absolutely brainwashed everyone else is.

    The world didn't get this shoe on head retarded for no reason.

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    Admin (not moderators) hand picked through my account's posts/comments and removed them willy-nilly mostly based on personal political reasons. They also banned all my rule-abiding-only, not even controversial, communities, which I spent months developing without a warming, a whisper, and without responding to any of their fake avenues to get grievances resolved.

    I had already been banned from large subs for posting cited verifiable facts, which the uninformed teenager moderators of /r/science, /r/news couldn't accept the reality of. I was also banned form all covid subs for cited facts, as they were all pushing disinformation that was easily refuted. The Illinois covid subreddit for instance, was rabidly anti-mask and considered citated support for mask risk mitigation measures to be anit-vaccine and this anti-science. Stupid 15 year old alcoholics were running the Covid subreddits.

    I had more of my comments/posts manipulated by moderators / admin than were not.

    Basically, they will benefit without compensation from your hard work, and will destroy it all with an instance without warning or reprieve.

    Never ever waste your time developing large communities on top of a toilet like that, as they will just flush your hard work.

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    Yeah around 2016 was when I ditched reddit. It has completely changed from the free speech platform Aaron Swartz envisioned to what it is today. Unfortunately it seems most social media platforms either die a hero or live long enough to see themselves become the villain. I still lurk on a few subreddits with teddit but if that stops working with these new API changes I'll be fine without it.

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    The short answer is that Reddit's model for free speech discussion doesn't scale. It worked great when it had a small user base but nowadays a combination of platform design and Admin decisions rendered the place a complete echo chamber.

    Somewhere along the line the downvote button went from being a useful tool for subs to automoderate by filtering spam and off-topic comments to silence any opinion that was even remotely contrary to the user base current sensitivities.

    This created a vicious cycle where users from progressive and left ideology silenced well thought out comments from the other side, which in turn discouraged interesting well put together comments from the right, which in turn pushed the user base even more to the left, including power mods, which in turn discouraged comments from the center, which turned the user base and power mods to the extreme left that it is now.

    During all this Admins not only didn't do anything to stop it, they actively made decisions to fuel the vicious cycle, like banning subs they explicitly said wouldn't ban because of a strike from the mods instead of sticking to their guns, showing that, indeed, the mods own the place now.

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      Wow that's fucked

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      unfunny/stupid 13 year olds diluting real discussion

      I bet it's bots. I suspect Reddit creates fake comments to create the illusion of large community involvement. Especially on controversial topics where the majority of real comments are shadowbanned.

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      If you ever play around with Google's Bard, it suspiciously shares a writing style similar to a lot of reddit comments.

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      I fell down this hole while I was not paying attention and now I can't figure out how to climb out.

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      Freedom of speech.

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      More people does not necessarily equal better conversation. I find the signal to noise ratio here better, if only because there are fewer people overall. Plus, Reddit is basically an echo chamber for power hungry losers who have no agency in real life to act out their dictatorial fantasies.

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      I'm a Tumblr in Action refugee, which was my primary source of expressing my discontent, disgust, and outrage over the race-based grifting and outrage farming, the genderwoo bullshit, and the increasingly hostile atmosphere towards anyone who wouldn't submit to having their lives utterly dominated by a growing pack of insane authoritarian progressives.

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      it fees like it's very hard to comment on reddit for whatever reason, either because people there can write better than me or the content is just not worth discussing. also there's a lot more censorship, also it's too lefty. being very lefty is their freedom yet it does not generate meaningful discussions.

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      Saiddit doesn't have JIDF yet

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      There are dumb witch bitch cia operators in and around said it too. Part of the wef clown show that wanted to lgbt nano-tech vaccinate and gang stalk around. It’s a bunch of old colostomy bag pedos that have big money stolen from all over the world, dark finances and black market drug/gun running. Mercenary assassins with military industrial complex unethical medical research and sodom Gomorrah prison system. All protected by the justice system and networked with other idiot old fucks that run other puppet governments to mess up their societies in an effort to put on a massive show of immigration, desperation, racism, white supremacy and law enforcement brutality. Nasty ass butt wipe reptilian tavistock institute bitch witch mind control operations using 5g Sauron towers, connected to child slave Elon musk’s space x satellite to implement some bullshit smart phone matrix for the sake of controlling the weather by messing with peoples manifestation powers. To hold up the shit show of the fake reality that makes it to your front page of your smut rag newspapers. Fuck you western gob shite retard pedos and your stolen monies in an effort to be Judie-Christian-Islamic Pharoes scum.

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      Also, there are no aliens or gawds to help you.

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      Reddit is bigoted. They treat everyone who doesn't agree with their far left bullshit like they're trash and you catch a ban not for breaking any rules, simply having the wrong ideology. Ban after fucking ban. And I don't want some reddit mod fucktard curating everything, not just my stuff, but what I can see of others.

      At this point I feel like they don't deserve me. The users generate their content that makes them money. I don't want to make them money.

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      You know exactly why :P

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      Censorship. I'm one wrong word away from getting a permanent ban so I save my "controversial" opinions for here.