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Some retards accepted the propaganda that blacks can do no wrong, but if they do, it's racism to say or do anything about it.

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Yeah. That is what I saw with the Michael Brown case. People think if a black was killed , he was always a good boy.

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Is it really racism. If you call a nigger a nigger and a black man a black man. Most black people know the difference when it's a black man speaking. They just get butt hurt when a cracker says it. However calling a white dude a cracker is somehow fine ;)

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That's the irony. Someone calling you a cracker is (unknowingly, because stupid) saying you're their superior. Not that you even own a whip these days, but a cracker cracks the whip on a disobedient nigger.

If you're feeling feisty, reply with "I'll bring my whip next time if you're looking to get cracked."

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People are upset because its a terrible outcome, and they need a scapegoat. But this entire situation should never have happened. Civilians arent trained to deescalate these situations, and they shouldn't have to be.

Death for acting threateningly is severe and definitely not ideal as an outcome, ideally this dude isn't on the street, he is in jail or a rehab or a mental institution, and if there are crazies, ideally trained officers are there to respond and arrest this dude without killing him, but they aren't because they defunded all the police, and keep putting these people back out on the street. Its much easier for these liberals to blame racism than blame themselves for creating an extremely unsafe environment where a man felt the need to respond to protect himself, and it ended up with a death. Unfortunately they are going to try and make him the scapegoat, because owning up to their failures and changing their philosophy probably isnt on the menu right now

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Death for acting threateningly is a pretty ideal outcome.

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Death for acting threateningly is a pretty ideal outcome.

I suppose idealness of outcome is a matter of opinion, I can amend this to 'most people would not consider this an ideal outcome' as evidenced by the fact that acting threateningly alone does not ever result in the death penalty from the justice system. This isn't within societal norms of what ideal justice looks like, which is why people are upset. But ideal isn't what you get when you gut public safety

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Well, rational societal norms were defenestrated years ago. Even so, how many people would be okay with real threats of being killed or seriously injured?

Although this might be the time to ask how many city-dwellers there are.

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It's because choking a man to death for acting threatening/crazy is beyond the measured response. Subduing Neely was one thing. Applying a choke hold after he passed out is another. Daniel Penny, being a former U.S. Marine, should have known what he was doing. Maybe he held it too long due to adrenaline. Details of the incident should come out during the trial.

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Does the unstable and violent white high school kid who bullies the other students deserve to be choked out and killed?

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Depends on the level of threat, and context. Is he "being mean", or is he saying "I'll kill you"?

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Acting wild and saying "I'll kill you" ..... (Exhibiting same behavior as the guy who got choked out..) Should anyone who acts erratically and thuggishly, be subject to judge-jury-executioner death penalty?

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I don't know about 'anyone', but there are numerous behaviors that should result in an early death.

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That's what I was trying to understand. It's easy on this website to say that a homeless black guy who exhibits violent behavior should be put to death by street justice. To say a white college student exhibiting the same tendencies be treated the same .. that's consistency and even if I don't agree on the death part, I can't fault the consistency. Cheers

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Of course. Thugs should be punished. edit: I am assuming you mean that the white bully is threatening to hurt and kill others like neely.

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Yes, same circumstances would be the scenario

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This person suffered for decades and no one gave a flying fuck. The moment he dies these people are crying as if they cared deeply and it's such a tragedy. What a load of hypocritical bullshit.

The same people who are crying now, are the ones that don't want to force these crazy people on the street to get help. They think that enforcing the law is somehow cruel, yet to leave them outside and stew in their insanity is somehow the morally right thing to do. They are a danger to themselves, they have no sense of rational thinking and therefore a huge risk to themselves and everyone else. To leave them alone is a guarantee something like this will happen, yet when it does happen people act surprise and act like they all of a sudden care about this person's life.

In summary, it's virtue signaling.

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Yeah. I have never seen any of those neely defenders speak out against the violent acts done by homeless thugs.

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It's worse than that, they don't want anyone intervening and forcing them to get help. They enable their downward spiral and then get surprised something horrible happens (IF there is a white person involved, otherwise no one cares, as usual).

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This is mainly race politics. Divid and conquer.

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He threatened to kill himself and others unless someone stopped him—listen to the tape someone made with a smartphone. He was hitting people and being violent, trying to kill them or get himself killed.

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Which tape? I don't see anyone online for that.

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It's less wrong and more unfortunate. I don't believe Penny intended to kill Neely, just subdue him because he was threatening people. The crowd on the train seemed to agree. Only NYC fucktards who demonstrate/protest at the drop of a hat because they have no lives have an issue. Fucktards standing on the subway tracks stopping the people who work and pay taxes (though I'm not sure why any sane person would live in NYC) from getting to and from work is surely one of the dumbest ways to address this. Why aren't they down at city hall? NYC failed Neely more than Penny.