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Neither. It's the targeting and corruption of children.

LGBT is all and only about sex. It has no place in schools or childrens programming.

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I wish people weren't so caught up in rage that they forget this.

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    sex education should come from the home. or family. not schools!

    the anti drug programs and sex education programs in schools, tend to ENCOURAGE the behaviour in adolescent children. so it has the opposite effect

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      i learnt more from a teacher i never had...than in 14 years of schooling.

      John Taylor Gatto's 5 hour ultimate history lesson is a good place to start researching about the history of modern education and schooling. (its broken into 5 one hour videos....unbelievable content in this talk. he must reference about 100-200 books)

      he wrote a few incredible books on the subject.

      (best book on education i ever read!)

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        what do you mean...what?

        you asked what my opinion was of the main topics of school/education. i just answered...

        unless you are asking about the main topic of this thread? to which i will reply...who gives a fuck. 99% of the Gays i ever knew personally were abused as kids. so...monkey see, monkey do. springs to mind.

        i would rather spend my time LEARNING something useful than asking such questions about gays.

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          the latter is LITERALLY unnatural (as in against nature). so i will go with that one if i had to choose. . .

          now go and listen to JTG hehe. (kiddin)

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          Yes, as long as it doesn't become an excuse to push homosexuality.

          The left has become malicious and militant in that respect. They lie about the fact that children can be manipulated at a young age into becoming gay. They lie because they want to create more homosexuals. They lie about the harm that does. They claim it is about "equality" but only "celebrate" and push homosexual relationships.

          When those are the kinds of people who are in charge it is difficult to trust them with any kind of sexual education.

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            They are both fine, just keep the kids out of it.

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            I have better things to worry about than what someone wants to do in the privacy of their own bedroom with another consenting adult. I believe in people minding their own damn business, its the force-feeding of gender ideology and woke pandering that I really don't fucking like, please leave me and everyone else out of it

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            privacy of their own bedroom

            For fuck sake man have you seen the public degeneracy of gay pride parades or "drag show" adult men stripping for toddlers? You're acting like homosexuality is a discreet harmless thing which is disingenuous and frankly a very stupid take.

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            Hasty generalization

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            If they're doing gay pride parades or drag shows and stripping for toddlers they are hardly doing it in the privacy of their own homes are they?

            I don't even have an issue with these gay events existing, they just need to be for adults only. Public pride parades have long been essentially just a celebration of vice. It's basically a big sexual harassment event. They'd shut down pretty quickly if a bunch of people started filing indecent exposure sexual harassment charges towards the participants. Of course you'd actually have to go to them for that to work.

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            These "Pride" parades are run by NGO's and the people in them are paid actors and performers. They are not locals and they are not a spontaneous civic event like a Columbus Day Parade. These "Pride" actors will hand out little pride flags for the locals to wave to give the illusion it is a local event, but nobody knows who these people are or where they came from.

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            I have better things to worry about than what someone wants to do in the privacy of their own bedroom with another consenting adult.

            And yet they seem to have very strong opinions about what guns you have in your closet, how your children should be raised, where the Atlanta Fire Department should be allowed to train, etc.

            My friendly tolerance for their little bedroom activities has correspondingly evaporated.

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            And yet they seem to have very strong opinions about what guns you have in your closet, how your children should be raised

            So does every liberal who doesn't pack fudge, and I hate them for that. Which is why I said

            I believe in people minding their own damn business


            its the force-feeding of gender ideology and woke pandering that I really don't fucking like

            I really don't care if they pack fudge

            Furthermore, yes most gays are liberals, but this is a really broad generalization, there are certainly conservative homosexuals who don't want to take away my guns just because they pound fudge

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            It is too late for the kind of nuance you suggest here. If it looks left wing, unload on it.

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            "It is too late for the kind of nuance you suggest here. If it looks right wing, unload on it."

            It's almost like both have become exactly the same.

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            I mean, sure, except for their entire philosophy of life.

            I'm talking politics. We do need the same political tactics as the left- the fearmongering, the intimidation, etc.

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            Fuck no. If you're going to become the enemy yourself then why even fight them?

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            Don't you mean the "bisexuals" who only date the opposite sex or "trannies" who think transitioning means wearing drag?

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            I mean, I kind of think everyone is bisexual, or at least has the potential. I've owned dogs, FFS, and most people aren't that much better. That's why we need laws against all of it.

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            Why does it matter?

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            Homosexuality spreads disease. Homosexuality (like video games, gluttony, and countless other vices) substitutes for and dampens the heterosexual sex drive. This results in societal infertility and the importation of poorly socialized replacement labor from the third world.

            Are you not fucking living this, man? Is this one of those "touch grass" moments?

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            Owning dogs spreads disease. Owning dogs takes away energy that could be better spent on fostering real human relationships.

            Books spread bad ideas, not to mention how women will read romance novels and allow it to give them unrealistic expectations of relationships.

            Sports promote injury and death. And accomplish nothing for society.

            We can go down this road for awhile. And there's some truth in all of it. Too much of anything, can be bad. Using things in an unhealthy and destructive way can be bad. But humans aren't robots and everyone has some kind of vice. The problem is when that vice becomes all encompassing and an impediment to someone's potential and social contribution.

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            the importation of poorly socialized replacement labor from the third world.

            Really? All this time I thought this was caused by shithead politicians and their globalist plan. Whodathunk. It's gays and video games.

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            If you're going to go that extreme: what's the point of building a great society if you can never enjoy its benefits? Is that not just mindless labor and a waste of time and energy?

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              Mostly the homosexuality. I don't really care if someone is just fruity.

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              That is a seriously demented take on sexual orientation.

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              The issues mostly come down to one of enforcement. When we had sodomy laws that did make it the governments business what would happen in the bedroom. I don't think it's really effective for anyone's rights to prosecute that.

              Imagine you are just a straight person living with your same sex roommate. No sex. But someone starts a rumor. Should the government be able to investigate that? I think not. Same if you check into a hotel with your friend. Your relationship really isn't anyone's business. I wanna share a room with my mates sometimes when traveling. I don't feel like I should have to prove to anyone that we aren't gay.

              The issues with it mostly come down to the NAMBlA side of things. Yes if a 40 year old man is checking into a room with a 12 year old boy and they aren't related, I think you have a good argument for that being viewed with great scrutiny.

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              My country has public healthcare and my tax dollars are literally used to treat people who do this:

              When some group of animals contracts rabies and starts spreading it around due to it's irrational behaviour, we make a point of exterminating the entire local population, yet when the AIDS epidemic is both started and spread around by homosexuals, we treat it like it's normal.

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              However I watched the 1st episode of the new George Michael documentary last night and the inability to accept that a promiscuous lifestyle isn't causes a lot of their problems is really not ok. It's not ok to blame everyone else because you decided to openly wank in a public toilet and got caught. We had the same thing with monkey pox as well. "Oh why did I get super herpes after jumping on a pig pile of 15 other guys after Pride? Must be systematic discrimination and society both not interfering in my personal life but also trying to tell me what to do."

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              Definitely another incredibly stupid shitpost, legly. Seems you are trying to lower the discourse at Saidit, but of course Saiditors are happy to follow this idiotic thread. The only potential outcome for this post on Saidit is to make this website so much worse than it was.

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              I think they're willfully sabotaging this website. Same as the ones using antisemitism.

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              Unfortunately I don't think so. Everyone's triggered right now by the riots 3 years ago.

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              I don't care where they put their dick. But I can't stand grown men being mean petty bitchy attention whores which is how your typical flaming gay chooses to behave. They also get all gropey with women, often times making them uncomfortable. But women have to put up with it or else this grown man will throw a hissy fit.

              Question for gays who are normal people: what's wrong with the bitchy ones?

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              They also get all gropey with women, often times making them uncomfortable. But women have to put up with it or else this grown man will throw a hissy fit.

              That's a dominance move. They are flaunting for other men what women's boundaries they can violate that normal men can't.

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              Flaming Queers. Which is neither of those things you mentioned, and only done to gain attention.

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              No, they ACTUALLY ARE UNABLE TO act normal.

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              No, an attention whore knows what they are doing.

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              The degeneracy and the corruption of everything that human society and culture once stood for.

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              An appeal to authority, and a terrible authority at that.

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              The public promiscuity, or just promiscuity in general.

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              Hasty generalization

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              Coming out of the closet I see. Promiscuity is well known, and has been for thousands of years.

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              Coming out of the closet? I'm not gay.

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              The unnaturalness. So I guess that's neither.

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              Natural is often bad.

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              Breeding is natural and it's good.

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              I don’t care about either. What consenting adults do behind closed doors with each other is not my business. And there are effeminate straight men and masculine straight women.

              The problem is that they don’t want to keep it behind closed doors. And it seems that they openly push their degeneracy on the public, either to force acceptance of it or just because they can.

              They also are a protected class who cry victim whenever they don’t get their way. In other words, cry bullies.

              Lastly, they are sore winners. They got everything they wanted and then it suddenly wasn’t enough.

              I used to be very supportive of the LGBT community, but the last few years have made me rethink the wisdom of that position. There’s a backlash coming, and they earned it.

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              Hasty generalization. Don't go by what the extremists in the media say.

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              I don't care, live and let live. As long as they don't wave their dicks in my face.

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              If you think gays are effeminate you've not hung out with many.

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              The big problem with the homos is that they don't know the proper place to put their genitals and therefore should be generally ignored.

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              eat a dick fucker