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Empty your bank account of cash, then spend the cash on things of value in the rough times to come. Stock up like a hoarder - and get a good home security system to protect it.

Silver and small bottles of booze will be valued and traded for food, goods, services, etc.

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Invest in me! Totally safe investment and will pay off really soon!

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A U.S. collapse would have devastating effects on Japan's currency as well, supply chains have become too global for the effects of collapses (or even inflation) to be isolated. Gold/Silver are probably the better options

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Fuel gets overlooked a lot. Without fuel you're stuck where you are and without modern conveniences.

If the US collapses we're all kinda fucked.

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Not jet199

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Food, water, ammunition, and general fabrication materials.

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Gold and silver, most likely.

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Invest in yourself.

Then buy gold and silver.

No paper gold.

No yen.

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I hear Beanie Babies are going to make a comeback.

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Get Ricky the Raccoon on the cheap while you can, he is the best one

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Are you some kind of idiot? If

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That isn't an effective insult unless you first demonstrate why what I was said was idiotic, like when you made a claim that could be invalidated with a two word google search like 'arduino cant run rust', please feel free to try and debunk any of my claims

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I've been programming Arduino since the first day that Arduino was in existence. I know pretty much everything that's going on with Arduino.

restaurants slower gives you a bigger footprint.

Are you some kind of idiot? If

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Rust isn't slower, its actually faster when C is compiled using clang which uses the same LLVM backend

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not possible. Are you some kind of idiot? If

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It all compiles to the same assembly. Rust simply has more training wheels for poor quality programmers build into the language to force that extra work on people who may not need it, rather than having those same things done with side tools optionally, like with profiles, static analysis tools, and memory tools, as well as training-wheels libraries like stl and other high level lists, memory, and string managing high level libraries.

Rust is being pushed by the NSA using dubious arguments that new programmers fall for.

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I have been writing C code since 1991. My first compiler was the Microsoft quickC for dogs. I once had a job writing C code while I was incarcerated. I wrote fully functioning programs by hand on paper. I mailed the code to my client and he followed my instructions to key the code in and compiled it.

I have seen many times where they make improvements to C.. c++, java, JavaScript, rust, etc..

When I was younger, other programmers used a language called perl instead of c.

I prefer C, it is a portable high level language that is one step up from assembly.

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Lucky me

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If the US or its currency collapses, the whole Eastern part of the world (Russia, China, India at least) has positioned themselves to use Gold backed currencies and have been no-so-quietly and increasingly stockpiling gold for decades.

They've all watched the slow motion train-wreck that is the US and its quickly lost democracy as it tailspins into a corrupt Banana State. They've already taken steps to disconnect their supply chains and economies.

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The US and its currency *** W I L L *** collapse. There is no "if".

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Silver and gold. Silver and gold mining companies.

Bitcoin if you believe in it.

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Yes, I meant PHYSICAL silver and gold.

One oz of silver is currently about $ 22 and is extremely undervalued. Even if nothing happens, and something will, you're buying something at a quarter of its fair market value. When SHTF, it should be easily twice that, so think in terms of making 8 times your money over the next half a year to half a decade TOPS. You don't get much better than that.

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If/when society breaks down, gold and silver and diamonds will become value-less.

You can't eat gold.

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Keep repeating it, dude. It seems it's doing you a lot of good. What does it feel like to you?

But whatever, you do you.

I'll explain ONE LAST TIME how the collapse happens: First either the banks fail and all close down at the same time, or the electrical grid goes down PERMANENTLY.

The next day, businesses still open, and operate on a CASH-ONLY basis because, well, no ATMs, no Interac, no banking. This goes on for days to weeks, but cash becomes more and more rare. People start trading silver and gold for goods. You know, shop owners are people too, workers need money too, etc.

This can go on for a good long while. People aren't going to immediately go barter-only. This is as asinine a view as I have ever seen.

DO YOU GET IT YET? People are used to using MONEY and they will keep that going as long as they can. SILVER and GOLD have been money since the dawn of man. How will it stop right away? IT WILL NOT.

Or do you get it and you are a disinformation agent?

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Stop with all the hardcore mind f*** games.

Gold and silver is a currency for many people, but not very many people have an abundance of gold coins laying around, and so if gold and silver is going to be the currency after a breakdown then let's just say that 9 out of 10 people won't have any currency okay so along with your little system where people are going to use gold and silver because the ATMs are closed down because the banks are closed down the one thing you're going to have present in the situation is chaos because when people don't have food to eat people are going to engage in chaos so..

If a collapse takes place and I have food if I have supplies to eat if I have water to drink I won't trade you a cup of water for a pound of gold.

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OK but a cow farmer will trade me a quarter cow, butchered and chopped into perfect meat for half an ounce... Because otherwise what? He'll let it rot instead of taking the metals?

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No the rancher will not let his meat and crops spoil, because in the time of collapse there will be a much greater demand than there is a supply.

If you were stranded in the middle of the Sahara desert and you had an ounce of gold, could you trade that gold to someone for water? If someone has water in the Sahara desert then the water is the gold and the gold is worthless like sand.

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Sorry but the Sahara is too far from here, it's not FUCKING RELEVANT.

I'm blocking you because of your obstinately asinine views.

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fax bro are in in the sahara? nah nigga fuck issue talmbout

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wow nigga your a genius

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If the electric grid goes down, Bitcoin evaporates.

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This is true. And it WILL go down, it's just a matter of when.

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I'm not suggesting that Bitcoin will drop in value I'm suggesting that if the electrical system fails for any length of time people are going to realize that Bitcoin disappears it evaporates it turns into air when the electricity dies.

Also when the electrical system fails the stock market fails it will crash

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If the fiat system collapses, bitcoin, litecoin and eth or cardano will go up like crazy.

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When the society collapses, and electric grid goes down, Bitcoin evaporates.

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No, that's ridiculous. We don't need a power grid for more than enough bitcoin stakeholders to setup a makeshift internet in no time if it ever gets to that point.

El Salvador has its bitcoin mining facilities powered by a volcano and Elon Musk bought 3.5 billion worth of bitcoins, pretty sure he can turn Starlink into a mining pool if its ever needed along with countless contingencies from communities around the world.

The only thing an "electric grid going down" would cause is delays in accessing your money. The network will always heal itself unless all parties storing value in it willingly and uninamously decide to let it die.

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When we have a true breakdown of society, electricity is going to go off and water is going to go off and gasoline will not be available diesel will not be available and availability of products will be next to nothing.

When a true breakdown of society happens you're not just going to go to your corner store and buy some corn on the cob and a steak and a six pack of beer.

People that do have food and you offer them Bitcoin you're going to slam the door in your face.

Video: viking 90 sportfish

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I’m trying to make lots of money off of everyone’s backs.

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I’m trying to make lots of money off of everyone’s backs.

Like a pimp.

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invest in the rupee

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invest in tron