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Seems like a beautiful country but one I'll probably never visit because of their government.

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what happened to the government?

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It's full of Chinese people.

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not only Chinese

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Jew number 2

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Looks like Jews are in control of America

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Good. God’s chosen people have earned the right to rule over all the world. As far as I’m concerned, Earth should be renamed Israel.

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don't understand

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If you did, then you would be Jewish.

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They need to stop arsefucking bats

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that is fake news man,the virus from lab

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They shouldn't be arsefucking bats in the lab either

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I hope you can view a country correctly and not be misled by the media one-sidedly

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I don't trust em, they have sneaky eyes!

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I don't mind them being brilliant at maths, but why do they have to it with their eyes closed?

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If you come from HK, you are Chinese too

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If you come from HK, you are Chinese too

😂 Hong Kong Phooey is actually an old slightly racist cartoon about a janitor dog that does karate and fights crime. I am American, the username is meant to be ironic

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Do you like egg rolls?

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Seems like a list of pedophiles (serpedoza, lowwhy) and deep state-sponsored Falun Gong (China Uncensored)

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Serpentza is a grifter from South Africa who is making money creating fake news videos on the evils of China. Don't trust any of his videos.

Daniel Dumbrill is the man to go to for the truth.

And ex-intelligence analyst Brian Berletic

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Egg rolls taste pretty good.

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Egg rolls are an American invention, although they are related to Chinese spring rolls, which started out as a seasonal food, it was simply the fresh spring produce wrapped in pancakes.

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typical america taking credit for everything. I bet you even think you invented the hamburger and it wasnt invented by the glorious leader kim jong il.

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Nah western Egg Rolls are like shitty fast food American version of a spring roll. Americans can have the credit for that.

Like whenever Chinese open a restaurant in another country they change the food to be more appealing to local palates. Smart. But when it comes to America they just deep-fry everything and add sugar to the sauce. Real Chinese food is much better but doesn't jive well with American cultural food consumption trends since Chinese dining tends to be more communal and the dishes are usually not intended to be consumed individually but rather like dim sum, hence the lazy susans in the middle of the table.

American tend to be picky as fuck eaters with an aversion to sharing food so if you go to an authentic Chinese place in the States you'll see basically all Asians there, and if you go to an americanized place you'll see almost no Asian customers.

American hippies also have something against MSG for some reason.

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Oh yeah I love the msg games. I guess the hippies hate them because of all the violense

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It's gotta be because of the smoking and the glorification of the patriarchy. Like the whole game is about some man sneaking around and in the shadows and assaulting people. It's literally Hitler!

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I think those come from the Mongol hordes.

You need a meal you can hold in your hand when doing all that raping and pillaging.

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hahaha, i like it too

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It's a big place. Also, this:

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Are you referring to the illegal occupation of Western Taiwan?

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Are you referring to the illegal occupation of Western Taiwan?

You should read books not fake news, if you know only a little history about China, you will know Taiwan is part of China.

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Their lockdowns were even worse than the lockdowns we've had in Ireland. And the lockdowns in Ireland were among the most retarded in Europe. Even worse, China is still locking down in 2022. My country stopped locking down in June 2021. And in March earlier this year, we dropped all of our remaining covid restrictions. If Ireland can get her act together, then there's no reason why China can't.

Don't get me wrong: I'm glad that China exists and is powerful enough to tell America and the EU to go fuck themselves. But China can certainly do better.

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Lockdowns are suddenly over now in China. For a vast majority of the time for the past 3 years, there weren't any lockdowns. If they were locked down for the entire time, they wouldn't have been having those mass pool parties and concerts.

The lockdowns only occurred on a district/municipal level whenever cases rose up. And aside from fiasco's like the Shanghai one that lasted 2 months, most cities just had quarantines for 1-2 weeks. This strategy only stopped working recently due to people protesting and actors purposely spreading the virus in order to end the zero-covid policy. The government pretty much gave up, especially seeing as how the omicron variant wasn't as damaging as the initial outbreak.

In terms of if "China can do better", every country could have, but they probably had the least deaths ratio-wise. Yet, the most restriction of freedom.

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Yes, you are right. we are not lockdown the city or country, we just reasonably control the spread of the epidemic. So many people get infect since one week ago because we stopped locking down as you said. maybe the medical system will break down because so many people get infected together suddenly.

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In Chinese history when they want to build a city they look at how many rivers there are for paddies and build the walls first to secure the land as it's mostly flat and easier to conquer.

Central planning has been the cornerstone of Chinese history and they view thir people as units rather than human beings. They have a city that's for 1000 people and extra babies are born and they kill the children to prevent overpopulation. Rice production is an exacting process and too many mouths to feed leads to starvation and rebellion. Just as China is flat and easily conquered so to it is easier to fall into rebellion.

They've been invaded and mongrelized so many times over the years they don't view the average person as high value because historically speaking the Chinese person has changed many times so the individual doesn't have much historical stock in the land.

They are the opposite of Europeans because in a historical sense borders are fought over in Europe and the individual countries and people groups didn't tend to go away while in China the greater borders have never changed but internally they have been at war with themselves enough times to distrust themselves whilst Europeans kept themselves more distinct.

Basically, China is nothing to worry about because of the history of central planning and the eventual breakdown of rigid systems eventually it's going to fight with itself so the rest of the world can get on with its own business.

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Why do I know you're Chinese?

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Yes, just want to know what does China look like to you

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China looks like a dystopia for civil liberties, and runs a hyper-capitalist economy while still calling themselves communists.

Their desire to create conformity and crush any dissenting opinions is frightening. Winnie the Pooh is illegal. Poor Tibetans, Uyghurs and Falun Gong followers for having the misfortune of being born inside their borders.

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Tibet protests seems to be mostly a CIA operation from what it looks like from the outside.

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are you live in China?

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I do not, nor would I want to as long as authoritarians like Xi Jingping are in power. China is a beautiful country with good people and a rich culture, but I am no fan of the current government.

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China's president doesn't have to please foreigners

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China's president doesn't have to please foreigners

Yet here you are asking us foreigners what they think of China, go reread the title of your post because it doesn't seem like you remember it. You started this conversation then respond like it doesn't matter what we think? How pathetic. And he does have to please foreigners if he wants any computer chips or not to collapse your whole economy, which is based on pleasing foreigners by making us shit for cheap with your slave labor while you poison the environment with your lack of regulations.

Judging by the way he was forced to lift covid restrictions because he couldn't censor protests on the internet fast enough, it doesn't sound like he was pleasing his own people either, or the Tibetans or Uyghurs or Hong Kong or Taiwan, or Falun Gong, or anyone who doesn't agree with him. Please continue to enjoy your censorship, lack of freedom, and forced lockdowns if it pleases you, you won't find anyone here who likes that shit or wants to live in a dystopian dictatorship. Please return to your government approved propaganda websites, and enjoy the taste of the CCP's boots in your mouth as they stomp on your freedoms

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I just said, a shithole run corrupt because they're obsessed with keeping up appearances instead of fixing the core problems.

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what do you think of China?

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It's a massive continent, with literally thousands of years of history.

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You are a person who has read Chinese history

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Not all of it; there's lots! :')

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They've got tons of history sure but they never learn from it or change they way they live.

If you understand anything about 'face' over there basically it's an analogy for their race. Patch over the cracks and make a good outwards appearance without changing anything fundamental.

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Even with their half-effective meritocracy and internal corruption, they've had the biggest change of any country for the past 50 years.

They purged 1 million of their own members for corruption and completely revamped the way the government and businesses operate. Financial corruption and "connections" used to be the standard practice. It still exists, but has been scaled down 100 fold. The reason buildings used to fall apart in China is because contractors would switch out building materials for cheaper products and keep the difference.

Your description sounds more like the West. If the pedo countries purged 1 million of their own government agents for corruption and child rape, then it would be a pretty decent fundamental change, but only a start compared to Chinese politics.

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Western politics have problems too but from a fundemental trust issue in almost any engineering scenario the Chineese skim 1% out of every process leading to catastrophe along the way.

The West with it's leader nonce problem is more of a wait until the people are starving due to brain damaged midwit middle managers bogging up the system.

It's hard to say really and I can't even trust my own words but at this point I feel that China will have too many holes in it's stagnent system to evolve and I have hope that things get hard enough for regular people in the West to fix the real problems in it's system.

The West has problems in it's leadership But China has problems with it's core philosophy.

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don't judge a book by its cover

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Know a tree by its fruit.

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China is demonized by the Western media. If you want to understand China, you need to visit for yourself. You're never going to get the truth sitting on a computer and reading MSM.

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China is demonized by the Western media. If you want to understand China, you need to visit for yourself. You're never going to get the truth sitting on a computer and reading MSM.


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Do all clothes in China say "made down the block" or "made down the road"...?

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what is that mean?

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Big country. Good opera. Neat monkeys.

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Be respectful, please.

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I am, Leon! Sorry if it came off weird. You have a big country, good opera, and cool monkeys. America's a big country, with good Bluegrass music, and cool antelopes. That's about it. So we both have some cool stuff in our respective countries.

thumbs up

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that's right