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We are people who were censored on other platforms like reddit, and because censorship happens to everyone and conservatives aren't censored more than liberals, then we consist of people from everywhere on the political spectrum.

This is why places like gab are also full of liberals who were censored from mainstream platforms.

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I never heard of liberals censored from mainstream platforms. And conservatives are censored more.

Where have you been? The entire establishment internet complex is strictly super left.

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The comment is sarcasm and making fun of OP for calling us nutjobs. Also making fun of the typical leftist gaslighting about "conservatives aren't censored more than liberals" because if that were true, we would expect the left to have tons of free speech alternatives like we have right wing spaces growing everywhere.

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ya, I'd like to hear where they are banning liberals. I think OP is full of shit and just making that up to make it seem not so bad with the liberal censorship all over the net.

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Most gender critical feminists are left wing. They are kicked off platforms.

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They will learn to hate jews eventually

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Sho right

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Its mostly people who were censored on other platforms likes reddit, so yes, conservatives and nutjobs are well represented, but there are also other types as well

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Personally I've not even been banned on reddit, I just don't like that it has turned into this sanitised propaganda machine. Sane critical voices get silenced, while everything else is allowed to grow - including the bots and the Astroturfing(just look at /stupidpol, they're frightened to talk about just the issue that was the point of the sub). I'm moderate european left, ie social democrat, but don't believe the general narratives presented by the media and really weary of wokery. I'm not sure this is a good place for all of it but it's a good alternative for the open minded.

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Same here, your post could be entirely about me. I'm a soft lefty but becoming more of a "leave me alone liberal" as I get older.

I hate that Reddit's banhammer has eviscerated any debate about anything consequential. I'm happy to swallow downvotes for an unpopular opinion but I want the chance to actually say it. Saidit is a place where I can do that.

There's plenty of kooky shit on here, and as a proportion of the whole is greater because the userbase is smaller, but there are plenty of weird subs on Reddit too... If Saidit can grow its userbase to a point where it's more lively then I'd probably just leave Reddit behind completely.

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Agree, and I really hope it does. Allowing unorthodox or taboo opinions is a sign of free speech, and a sign of health for a forum. What bugs me most about reddit is, everything is becoming about American bipartisan issues and msm propaganda; it's so stupid and entirely a false dichotomy. No room for nuance. Don't even get me started on Twitter.

eviscerated any debate about anything consequential.

This becomes the crux of it. In the hysteria about woke this or that, or other superficial issues, things don't shine through. Also noteworthy is that we're not allowed real change. The individuals that represent this get huge smear campaigns directed at them and are taken out of the equation entirely. It's incredibly disillusioning but a symptom of where we're at wrt democracy in the west. It's a mask.

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That's a good sentiment.

You know, I don't give a fuck about the Anti-Liberal, Hate Joe Biden (I kinda don't like him either but not rabidly), conservative conspiracy content found on here.

I just want to have opinions against Reddit's sacred subjects - like Transgenders. You can't say a damn thing about them unless it's some cute off-hand remark or a soft response. Otherwise, just simply talking against them? Banned.

I fully understand now, why people turn to TOR to go down in the Deep Web. So they can express freely without powertripping assholes monitoring what's said. Fuck the CP. Fuck the Drugs. Fuck Hitmen. Fuck all that. Give me the truest freedom of expression.

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    I agree with you.I just wish it was more active

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    Since Reddit censors anything to the right of free dildos for children, people need somewhere else to go. This place is ok. Not as entertaining as 4chan. 4chan is filled with bots and shills of its own kind.

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    When you are only exposed to carefully manicured, censored, sponsored, and algorithmically manipulated platforms and media, then any normal, natural, conversation will look like that.

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    Well said. I was on a normie platform recently and every goddamned thing I say requires an explanation. Our frames of reference are so different. It's frustrating, and I can tell I appear crazy to them.

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    Dam son! Hittin it up with facts lol !

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    It's something more. It looks that way to you because 'nutjobs' and conservatives are welcomed here where they're being expunged everywhere else. Their presence on this platform makes their absence on other platforms conspicuous.

    For my part, I'm a left leaning centrist who doesn't like seeing other lefties trying to shut down the speech of people whom I don't agree with.

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    I'm left leaning, but I have been black balled from reddit for participating in new no normal and gender critical. Conservatives and nut jobs tend to get censored more, so you see more of those post here. Saidit does seem more balanced compared to other reddit alternatives. It might lean a little right but it's not a full blown circle jerk, so I come here. I still vist reddit for hobby stuff, Saidit lacks hobby subs.

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    Reddit has gone corporate and closed source. It's a flashy shin website full of memes and other bullshit. That's why I left it.
    I chose Saidit because of UI, which encourages discussions instead of shitposting, and Saidit is an open source software, not acknowledged part of any corporation.
    I think that most saidittors are conservative and probably were banned from reddit, so there may be overrepresentation of them here. However remember that this portal is what it's users create it. Feel encouraged to post articles and text posts :)

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    Reddit tolerates me because of my pitbull, "she" has been on puberty blockers since she was a pup. She got a boob job last month, and she kinda wants to hang onto her "boy clitty".

    We support her and encourage her during her time of transition.

    Of course she is a democrat.

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      I really appreciate that, because it obviously comes from your heart.

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      Is SaidIt just a platform for nutjobs and conservatives


      or is it something more?

      Let's just say my nerdy ass finds it strangely nice that I'm able to recognise the same people who post here consistently. It reminds me of old school braincels, where I would always recognise the same people. It's like a family. Kinda surreal in a way.

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      Family hug!

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      hugs zombeh ahhhh that feels so good ahhhhhhh i cant believe im touching zombeh ahhhh

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      We just appear nuts and conservative because you're working with a different frame of reference. From our point of view we're fairly moderate compared to the other forums available, and to us, many on the left are the real dangerous extremists, not those trumptards.

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      Who else would actually be interested in a free speech platform at the moment? If all you have to say is mainstream approved narrative, you may as well fuckin stay on reddit.

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      Well there's also a good number of trolls constantly spamming worthless content and making deliberately inflammatory posts looking to get a rise out of people

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      The problem is good content does not get traction. Personally I think saidit should have "promoted" content on the front page. Every 3rd post or so. And all the complainers need to put more effort into going to new and upvoting what they like.

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      "Promoted" content is what got us in this mess

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      No it's not. Censorship is the problem.

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        This is not a logical statement.

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        As for it being just conservatives? Nah. Sure, there are a lot of conservatives, but I also see some radfem presence for example, and some other subs are apolitical.

        As for it being for nutjobs? Absolutely, but so is reddit. The only difference is that saiditors are (somewhat) self-aware. That's pretty much all there is to it.

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        You need more?

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        I’m “conservative” by there’s lots of liberals here. It just a hard place to be liberal.

        And there’s only a few people on here that are “nut jobs”. Even the conspiracy people her post well thought out, well reasoned, and we’ll cited posts.

        I would say this is something more. Lots of us, especially me, don’t follow the triangle of gayness. But I think having a triangle of gayness brings out the best in even me.

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        Obviously SaidIt will mostly be attracting people censored from other sites. People not being censored (most of which are left-wingers) aren't out looking for a Reddit alternative with freedom of speech. Meanwhile, most of the people being censored and looking for Reddit alternatives like SaidIt will be conservative or right-wing in general.

        I dont think SaidIt is a pure echo-chamber, but it makes sense that the site is mostly right-wing oriented given our userbase.

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        I believe, if you thoroughly started looking into what actually gets posted here aside from the glow posts and yellow-press stuff, you wouldn't ask this question.

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        why does it seem like these days everyone has a label that has to be demonized by another label? didn't seem this way 20 years ago. or maybe i wasn't aware? why can't we be people?

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        Because the subvertists that be clearly understand the power division holds over the subjugation of a people, now everyone has to belong to some camp and their camp has to be the best or else. Think religious fanaticism that has bled through to just about every societal aspect.

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        ...speaking of, what subs do you guys recommend? TumblrInAction seems pretty active but it'd be interested in other subs where the discourse isn't at a weekly pace.

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        Look by s/all, or new. The subs are more of a topic classification than their own communities.

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        Go to if you want the hard core retards. You only get softcore retards here.

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        Chat is where the cooltards meet 🤘😎

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        Widebody 320?

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        The erudite prose is similar

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        Like every one else is saying. Doesn't matter who you are, if you say something they don't like you get banned. Clearly you hate conservatives and think we are all crazy just bc we are Republicans And don't believe what you do? Lol 🤣 You're part of the problem. You know, if I can't go on the internet after a long day of work and call someone a faggot in the comments, bc they Clearly are being a faggot lol then what the fuck is the point? I want to have fun. Ppl don't have backbones anymore. I feel sorry for those of you who don't, bc you can't ban real life. You won't have the gumption to deal with tough situations when they come.

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        Not banned on Reddit, nor do I consider myself member to any 'party' be it Politico or otherwise, tho these days, they all seem pretty loony to me.