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I’ve lost interest in video games. I have a PS4 that I got for Christmas 8 years ago, and for the last 4 years I haven’t been arsed to play it. Why? Because most games suck nowadays. There are only a few games I like, but I’m not going to spend a three week salary on a PS5 just to get three or four games I like. Too many games nowadays are either woke or unfinished. Am I the only one who misses the 6th and 7th Generation of video games? Bring me back Simpsons Hit n' Run, 007 Nightfire, XIII, COD Modern Warfare and Oblivion. I loved my original Xbox, my Xbox 360, my Nintendo DS and my Wii. But that was then.

If I ever get back into video games, I’m just gonna buy a gaming PC with proper graphics and 32GB of RAM.

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Yep, PC gaming has so much more to offer, so many indie titles you can't get on console.

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You can also get updates for PC games you've purchased, unlike console games. Plus much more mods to choose from.

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Yes, even community created bug fixes in the best cases.