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It's fine to ban people you don't like if you aren't on s/all.

No point being on s/all anyway if half the people there can't engage.

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According to the FAQ:

4. Mods must not remove user comments and posts that are on-topic and made in good faith UNLESS one of these conditions are met:

  1. It's clearly stated in the sub's sidebar that the moderators remove opposing opinions AND the mods must uncheck the sub setting "allow this sub to be included in /s/all as well as the default and trending lists" so that the sub won't appear on /s/all.
  2. The name of the sub must ends with "_positive" or "_negative" to clearly indicate the sub's intentional bias, thus allowing the sub to appear on /s/all.

It seems we have to discover by trial and error - or there should be an indicator in the sidebox.

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Everyone that used to use that sub moved anyway. It's kind of a moot point

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Popper is no more

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It's the principle of the thing - and worth discussing to edify SaidItors who don't know.

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I wouldn't have banned you, Jason. It was uncivilised to do so. Instead I would have proposed the only respectable duel I know that would resolve this issue: midget wrestling. May the best midget/man/clown win!

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"Midget" is offensive.

I sexually identify as a 17 year old Palestinian Black Lesbian Dwarf with X-ray vision that doesn't work when sober.

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Let the dwarf tossing begin!

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Dwarf salad tossing.

Made with baby corns.

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by definition, incels are victims

the very idea reproduces in all things

i see it is a not fun idea to hold

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Incels are not victims.

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This. They may idolise victimhood or use it as an excuse for inaction and failure to take responsibility, but they are not victims themselves. Being of poor character does not have a perpetrator as the root cause.

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They don’t want to hear it. At the end of the day, they can’t hear this. If they heard what you are saying, and listened slightly, they wouldn't be incels.

They also don’t recognize the benefits. No cheating, no stds, they con focus on themselves.

I mean, imagine how upside down their world will be when they get taken for all they have by a woman, who leaves them with an std. And they get to sit around all day playing “Wo is me”.

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And too many relationships are painful, tedious, hard work. Add kids to that and fuck.

There's a huge reason why so many people are single now.

And part of it is because so many of us are soft and spoiled and don't sacrifice or work for the greater good of our local communities and families because we've been trained to be good selfish consumers who value the individual above all else.

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That's basically why incels exist. The tech bros don't believe in the fairness of monogamy. Its also why they're actively working to silence incels. Exclusive infinite on demand whores is the end game.

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They already have it. Women are dumb as fuck. (No offense). But being a whore, is not empowering. Women lost marriage, and all their children are fuck ups.

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Most people are dumb as fuck. Boys just get smacked in the face by life until they learn (or die or fall down a hole).

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I was going to say, the existence of s/incels is likely the crux of the problem.

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I can't think of a better name for a sub to discuss InCels, their plight, and any content on the matter that seems informative - as I shared there.

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There is no plight. Quit being an incel and get your act together.

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There is no plight. Quit being an incel and get your act together.

Whatever. They have a community. They think they are victims. Retarded or not, it is also a topic that comes up occasionally, related to and indicative of other bigger things. And they are on SaidIt, currently taking up bandwidth on /s/All. Further, this video on the matter and much beyond is a surprisingly good discussion worth watching (as others have).

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Inceldom is a consequence, not a cause, of those other things. Whether it's young men kicked out of FLDS, or young Muslims radicalized, or young American men who can't get laid - all of these folks are ripe to be exploited for their inner turmoil and weaponized against society.

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all of these folks are ripe to be exploited for their inner turmoil and weaponized against society.

This is not new.

Besides the FBI getting idiots to wear underwear bombs or drive over women for whatever agenda, few would be able to utilize and exploit InCel philosophy and existential angst effectively, as that would turn them into something else with new purpose.

A force for good would be nice. Truth-Seeking InCels (TSIC)? Activist InCels (AIC)? InCels Under Narrative Tyranny (ICUNT)?

But seriously, if there was a way to harness their rage, make it productive for themselves and the world, you'd have an entirely new thing, that could be mighty formidable, could include others and wider support for the greater good, and then of course that force would cease to be InCels by definition. They would have to want to change.

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/u/magnora7, /u/Vulptex, Are you going to address this problem?

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Once again, I don't make these decisions.

ONLY u/magnora7 makes big calls like this. All the other admins do is help moderate the spam and obvious content policy violations. You seem to think I in particular am on the same level as him despite me repeatedly telling you otherwise.

If the sub is banning people for things that aren't listed in its rules, the policy is to remove it from /s/all. However I believe u/magnora7 doesn't want anyone else taking sub-wide actions like that. If you have a problem that requires this kind of solution you need to take it up with him alone. If he's lost interest in saidit he may leave more up to us, but that hasn't happened yet.

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You seem to think I in particular am on the same level as him despite me repeatedly telling you otherwise.

False. I don't know what powers you have.

Fact: I saw your name in the modlog, and wondered if you could do anything.

If he's lost interest in saidit he may leave more up to us, but that hasn't happened yet.

Yes, this is a whole other problematic issue and longer critical discussion.

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Technically I can do anything that doesn't require console access. But we were told not to.