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The first step is to avoid private free services such as Google, Facebook, Reddit, etc. These are not free, it is like we are playing a chess game and they get to know what we are thinking.

Then, switch to Linux. Microsoft, Apple... do I need to say anything about these? Sure, Linux is not as userfriendly for computer noobs, but freedom is embeded in it.

Next is to contribute to different kind of project. We need to replace search engine. There's search engine that we can use with our own index (like SearX), there's paid search engine (like Infinity Search). These are examples, not recommendations. The point is that we got to own the things we use, otherwise it is not ours, which mean we don't get to choose how it works. Internet is like our planet, it is being conquered by people. If we don't own a part of it, then we will be tossed out, enslaved or whatever.