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Writing skills, especially technical writing skills, are useful for almost every industry. Your other bachelors seems useful in many areas too. There should be some overlaps using both and getting a bit off-center. Maybe consider the traffic industry. Big bureaucratic planning jobs that are mostly requirement documents, feasibility studies, and political pandering for environment. It seems your skills could fit-in all over such an industry, giving you room to pick what aspect interests you.

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Film accounts.

Look for local Facebook groups and schemes to get in.

However now you can work from home so you might be able to work for the big Hollywood productions wherever you are based.

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IMO, stay the fuck away from all corporate media and whatever excuse you might have for being tempted. The seductive spotlight, the fame, glamour, sex, or the "experience". There is more than enough independent media now that you can learn in and get what you want from without compromising.

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Ain't no fame or glamour in accounts.

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When in danger or in doubt Run in circles scream and shout

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All the things I would do require intelligence. I have no idea what you can do. 😁

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Well you're set to pursue a dream you've had. What that is I don't know. Personally I'm taking time to make art. You could do anything, I don't know your interests, so I can't really say. Travel the world for a year?

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Lots of businesses would be very happy to employ someone with a law degree who doesn't want to practice law. Look into the title of Business Affairs.

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    Good luck, FuckYourMom.

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    Based on nothing but your brief description, assuming you've not left anything important out, and that what you've included are your primary considerations, if I were you I'd consider getting a storage unit if necessary and small RV or van to live in. While gas is certainly not cheap, and certainly won't get better for a long time if ever, at least you'll have your new "home" fully paid-off and have mobility to travel your nation and work freelance gigs (and/or smuggling in rough times ahead) within your mobile man cave, including a laptop to work from, anonymously or not.

    While you may not want to do writing or law, and with your environmental science and urban sensibilities, if you had any investigative curiosity, it seems to me you'd be perfect to either do some exposé journalism and/or Erin Brockovich-type stuff - though to start you might need to have some connections, leads, and ducks all lined up. There's no shortage of scandals and corruption, but not every paying publisher is willing to put their neck out. Tangentially, you could try to figure out how to make all this happen via social media, with or without others' help, whether they're established or not. This is a new age of self-reinvention.

    Rather than going mobile, another not-direction could be to find some cheap property, live out of your van, and begin homesteading - and maybe document it all to make a bit extra on YouTube (it's a popular genre, including dudes building their own cabins). As you get to know that region and the people in it, you'll also be able to find ways to help them with your various skills, and they will in turn help you, as you merge into and contribute to the community.

    Without saying what is important to you, what is meaningful, what gives you purpose, fulfillment, and joy - we can only speculate. Most people like helping other people - and getting paid for it.

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      One more thing to consider... Whether you're settling down in a community or staying moss-free perpetually rolling on, there are pros and cons to each.

      If you plant roots, unless you travel for work to return home, you'll likely inevitably become entangled in local affairs. You'll get to know the folks you work with, do and owe them favours, and vice versa - and this is how corruption worms into established systems.

      If you are a mercenary for hire, you can travel across the country to do the dirty work of bringing justice, investigative journalism, or whatever you do - without having to compromise your integrity or bend to local pressures.

      This is what Robert Barnes, esq. does. Gets in, drops fairness bombs, gets out.

      With all that money, feel free to donate towards https://Projex.Wiki (and and https://TruthSeeker.Club coming soon) and/or help us (/s/Cassy) to hire some I.T. admins to get it done right. I have almost all the resistance groups in South-West Ontario, Canada eager to migrate off Facebook and other platforms to start leading the way on decentralized platforms that will be picked up by many other regions. Big meeting tonight with much coming up over the next couple months. We're finally getting organized.

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      A JD and you are just wasting it? You are going to wake up in 30 years and realize you fucked up and it's too late to fix it.

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      Agreed, $300k completely wasted

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      There are plenty of Rad Fems and detrans who need representation.

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        My idiot older first cousin got a JD and advanced to be the clerk of the house of representatives for the state of [REDACTED]. This guy sounds like he is even stupider but he still has a wasted JD.