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Have we actually tried discussing things first? u/soundsituation the joke accounts don't break the rules and people feel bad they put effort in here to entertain and you ban them. Gotta say I agree with them, nobody voted for you to determine what content we see. I don't mean to be snarky but it's too easy to fall into that role "for the good of the site," but when you're working counter to active site participants and causing discontent I think that signals reevaluation.

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I guess I'm tagged here because the post references me, but I'm not the only admin banning these accounts, nor am I the one who initiated the bans. That was M7. I just followed up with him and he confirmed that this user is banned for dragging down quality on the pyramid of debate and subsequently for ban evasion. I would also add to that posting in bad faith. u/magnora7 will keep removing this user and wants other admins to do the same.

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Yes, exactly. Users who consistently drag the quality of discussion downward (especially if they seem to be doing it intentionally) should be banned, as per the site rules. And then creating alternate accounts to bypass bans is also not allowed.

I agree with Muskrat that joke accounts should be left alone, but when they spam disgusting things repeatedly, that's just having the purpose of dragging the quality downward. Especially if it's clearly one account repeatedly ban evading over and over. Thanks for the help guys.

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Hkp keeps doing it