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I think small sites like this should just copy steal the most popular posts from other sites where commenting is often blocked, and mock them.

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All the freaks, perverts, leftists, brainwashed New World Order-supporting freaky filth and other dregs of society wandered over to that garbage dump of a Web site:

Quality folks, and ever-decreasing portion of the populace thanks to the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 and ongoing traitorous acts by politicians, bureaucrats and indoctrinated private citizens serving their elite-class overlords ensure that patriots and even plain normal-thinking folks of the type needed to create and maintain a first-world country become a steadily decreasing percentage of the populace.

Revel that there is at least one place for fine minds to gather.

Perhaps the plans to destroy that evil New World Order will be done here.

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There are still all the government bootlickers. I think they are all that is left, you can tell by the comment silence on posts that challenge government lies about the origin of the covid virus and other similarly contentious issues.

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Hey where's my thousand bucks you bet me?

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You lost by proving you knew they would eat the meat so you fed them full of catfood first. The half finished bowl of catfood was right there so obviously they were not hungry.

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He was begging for food in the video, he had meat, and he had kibble, he prefers his kibble. I knew the outcome before I did it. Figured you'd welch, but perhaps this can be a lesson not to make stupid bets you don't intend to pay.

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Yup, I come here regularlyz

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You got blocked again.

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It's summer season and many people go on vacation.

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I came here from Reddit to help preserve gender critical discussion. If you select "random" subs you see a ton that were started 3 years ago and died on the vine. No posts. I'm sad to see that Saidit has attracted many people of the Free Republic mentality--bashing those with different views, snark, name-calling, mindless crap when it has to do with news or politics. I was disappointed with most of what I saw. If I stick around here I'm thinking of starting a sub called "Reason" from which rabid blowhards (almost all of whom are on the right on Saidit) will be banned with alacrity.

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Eat shit lefty.