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Guy told me last night the mask wearing is now nothing more than a political statement. Gotta show which team you're on.

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This was always the truth with masks

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That’s exactly it.

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Then it pleases me they suffer even if it does generate virtue.

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When I wear my MASKARINO people know I trust the SCIENCE and I got my FAUCI OUCHIE!

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Texas, howdy. Some companies still require their employees to mask and it's weird when the general public doesn't. I agree, definitely stinks of second class citizenship.

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Germany here. Today I noticed that way more people than usually were wearing masks in the mall. I guess the propaganda machine has been revving up lately.

Talked with an aunt the other day, she's like a minion of the media. She has no clue of anything but always a firm opinion, based solely on what she sees on TV. At least I can talk with her. She listens but her TV is so much stronger than my reasoning.

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Boomer mentality right there. My parents are starting to question what the television is telling them. But they bought the Covid lie hook, line and sinker when the lockdowns and other mandates were in place. And when the war in Ukraine started, my Dad was angry and wanted Russia to be isolated from the world until they paid Ukraine back with interest. I pointed out to him what America did to Iraq and Vietnam, and he agreed that America is just as bad as Russia. Then he went back to whinging about "muh Russia bad" while doing business with America (we're Irish). He’s in his 60's.

The worst part is, that the younger generations are just as bad as the boomers, if not worse. Simply replace television with Tik Tok and Reddit. At least my dad opposes Ireland joining NATO. For a while my sister wanted us to join.

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I see that in Hawaii too- employees in grocery stores all wear masks, and very few customers.

I assume that, being under strict rules for so long, people have internalized them? I think that to preserve a sense of personal dignity, they have to believe that there is some benefit to wearing them.

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Are you familiar with Hawaiian tea? If we have a conflict with China my tea might be hard to get and I'm wondering how Hawaiian tea compares. Sorry this is off topic.

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I see it more often in Ireland now too. But I also see a lot of people not wearing masks. I don’t. It’s sad that some people are still being forced to wear masks. Thankfully most people don’t care about Covid in this country anymore.

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Yeah, I do notice a lot of people wearing masks (East coast US), however a few places have dropped the requirements lately (my dentist and one my fav burger place). AWhere I work nobody wears it.

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Привет from Russia, where nobody cares.

I took a metro ride the day restrictions were dropped, I think some 30 minutes after the announcement, and nobody outside of the personnel was wearing masks. It's still like that to this day, but the personnel wears them on their chins, I don't know, they are probably forced to wear this thing but nobody cares how. Also, government started refunding citizens who paid fines for not following the restrictions (with some exceptions, of course).

But it was in March, shortly after the new current thing happened, so I get why.

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Oh, hello!

I am sorry the government fined people for not wearing a mask. The people in power want to tell us every little thing we can and cannot do. Soon, every one in the world will be required to take a mark in the right hand or forehead to buy or sell anything, (according to Jesus in the book of Revelation).

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Take your business to somewhere where the staff are not mistreated.

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It was my first time at this restaurant. We wanted to treat my mother-in-law to a special birthday dinner, and I do not expect to go back. I do like your idea to give business to those companies that do better.

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Yes, its just impossible to guess when this nonsense is going to pop up. I hope you all had a nice time :)

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The Philippines here. The mandates for masks has not been lifted but since Filipinos are generally not able to follow rules to the letter, there's been an uptick of those who just have a mask but not wear them. In my workplace, everyone wears a mask and they don't think much of it. Although my department has those that take of their masks and those that just keeps it on.

And recently, I noticed some people just double mask, those that just have the entire thing over their mouth and those that are really just have it on but it's all the way down.

No one really gives a damn anymore here. Although enclosed public areas still require you to wear a mask. Although, with some of the restrictions being lifted, I expect even the masks wouldn't be a necessity anymore.

It won't be necessitated by the government but the culture would b a completely separate thing. I don't expect to see a shit ton of masks disappear form the faces of the masses overnight.

That's my two cents. Th government required little force in mandating masks. Asian culture did it for them.

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Masks are creepy as fuck.

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No reason to feel sorry for moronic modern scum who are slaves.

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Or employees don't like cameras B)

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I've noticed a few more people wearing them, but they're definitely the minority. It's mostly older customers, no workers seem to be wearing them except for doctor's offices where they're still required. None of the maskers / non-maskers seem to be giving each other a hard time which is good since it's another engineered scenario to turn us against ourselves.

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I agree that the mask is another method the evil side is using to divide people, and to dehumanize them. It's looking more obvious now that they want a civil war and race war.... any way they can get people to start shooting each other. They would just invoke martial law and deploy the military against their own people, bringing about chaos and then Novus Ordo Seclorum.

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i am new here

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Covid has never stopped fucking the world up, new leaders just pretend it is gone...until it comes back to bitch slap them personally.