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I guess Magic vs Magik is one you'll see Wickins use sometimes. Christians make a distinction in meaning between god and God that isn't clear in spoken language.

Those are the kinds of examples I was looking for! Another example involving capitalization that I found online was conservative "resistant to change" and Conservative "part of the Conservative party".

What prompted me to ask this question was probably things like emoticons :), internet slang like "h8", and jokes involving homophones. I'm kind of obsessed with this kind of stuff for some reason.

I've heard of your examples about Chinese before. I think the Chinese writing system is interesting because there are few other modern writing systems like it. There are some interesting looking characters like 串 "string/chain of objects" and 凹 "concave". I like looking up the origins of Chinese characters the same way I like looking up the origins of words in other languages (I use Wiktionary, and I don't know how accurate it is).

Another thing I find interesting is false friends between Japanese and Chinese. One I've heard of is 勉強 "to study" (Japanese) / "reluctantly" (Chinese).