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I am of the opinion that there are both biological and environmental (social) factors. I would suspect that they are the result of a certain biology type combined with a certain environmental factor. A less susceptible person may be exposed to similar environments but not develop a disorder, and a susceptible person may never have an environmental trigger.

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That's the current science afaik. Interestingly, the trigger can be viral.

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As a therapist, I can see different personalities in each person.
There are usually traumas that cause personality disorders.
People create parallel minds to avoid awareness of the traumatized mind.
And they create a parallel mind to feel stronger.
This is different from a different personality, and is more experienced like a masking technique.
People are also afraid of losing their masks, because they think it is a protection.

The mind is far more complex than that.
The mind can also cross to previous lives.
Like severe traumas in previous lives come back as faint memories.
And when a parallel mind is created the traumatized previous lives can return as well.
If very traumatized these can react in a psychotic way.

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Well then I should work on making a parallel mind, because who wants to live in this program? (...everyone else apparently). And if it can overcome some of the matrix's mind-suppression that's a huge benefit.

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Traumas create parallel minds.
They are not beneficial to you, and they get you more stuck into the matrix.

Old shamanic traditions used severe traumas for initiations. (very different per tradition).
It enabled them to see more than the average person.
But it also made them a bit psychotic to very psychotic.
African traditions are usually very psychotic.
Many traditions use all kinds of drugs.

So instead of escaping the illusion or matrix,
they got stuck in a deeper level of the matrix.

My impression is that people with an accidental Near Death Experience
do get some glimpse of what is outside the matrix.
So we will get there naturally, but meditation can also help.
They also tell us that our life has a purpose here,
and the experience makes them live a better life.

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They also tell us that our life has a purpose here, and the experience makes them live a better life.

If they say that they are believing the lies of the rulers who meet them in the light tunnel and other traps which we ought to avoid, or test at the very least. Purpose can be found, but it is not from these archons. They care about nothing but keeping you in the system (and making you miserable and laughing at you while they're at it). Their "purpose" for us here is a lie to keep us doing their will and willing to stick around. Many also claim that we "learn" here. I must have learned a lot on however many eons I've been in the matrix. Too bad I can't remember any of it! It's all lies, this realm is beyond evil, its very nature runs on evil, even the laws of physics prove it, let alone what life can do. I will never come back here if I can avoid it. They also try to hold you with sin or karmic "debt", which they don't want you to realize was paid off. Paul explains in Galatians 3:

10 For all who are under the Law are under a curse; for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who does not abide by all the things written in the book of the Law, to do them.” 13 Christ redeemed us from the curse of the Law, having become a curse for us—for it is written: “Cursed is everyone who hangs on a tree”— 14b so that we would receive the promise of the Spirit through faith.

And in Romans 5:

20 The Law came in so that the offense would increase; but where sin increased, grace abounded all the more, 21 so that, as sin reigned in death, so also grace would reign through righteousness to life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

And Jesus himself warns about the "heaven" trap in Luke 17:

20b The kingdom of God is not coming with signs that can be observed; 21 nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or, ‘There it is!’ For behold, the kingdom of God is in your midst.

But if you fall for the scam, which is made propaganda by every major institution in yhe world, you could be trapped here for many more ages to come. I don't advise it. Even the "beautiful" parts of this world are just a mask for the evil that is underneath. Its very nature is pure evil and slavery. Society will tell you that there are many redeeming qualities, and persecute you as a "pessimist" if you deny it, but that is a massive cope, one known as "toxic positivity". The only good in this world is that in which you almost reach a light at the end of the tunnel, but before you can the rulers turn it off. They have us running like hamsters on wheels, forever thinking we're getting somewhere when we're just repeating the same old pointless motions.

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Where do get your very conflicting information from?

And why do you trust those sources?

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I don't see how it's conflicting. I know who runs the world based on its very nature, which is nothing good. I also know that nearly every near-death experience reports the same thing, except for the fact that the deity who greets them is whichever one they happen to believe in. Now obviously they cannot all be real, and it seems some of them don't act like they should. For example, "Jesus" usually gives a "life review" judges believers just like all the other gods, as if his sacrifice was for nothing, and of course since no one can be found spotless he condemns them. And showcases Heaven and Hell, the former of which the real Jesus warned is not a physical place that can be observed, and the latter was invented years after his time. While they may have a short stop in "Hell", they ultimately end up being returned to earth as a way to pay back the debt (which is also not possible to do yourself). For those having NDEs this means being miraculously brought back to life, but evidently for most others it means reincarnation. It is a big scam. There's also angels who impersonate people who were on earth, not only deities, further tricking the person into believing the show and entering the light tunnel. From a carnal perspective it's all very convincing. There will also be times where they lie about you being on a "mission" which you of course can't complete because you can't remember what it was, if it's even possible. Or that you have to "learn" things, which is pointless when you can't remember any of it. There's also some really weird stuff like remote viewing and past life regression hypnosis which I find pretty dubious, but it's nevertheless compelling how much it all matches. There's some other really weird things too, like actually dying only to wake up seconds beforehand and watch the same event play out again. And a few people have even witnessed the simulation itself running through scenarios to undo their death, which apparently functions like some kind of waterwheel of possibilities. Another thing people see a lot is reptillian-like entities, demons, which I think may be the source of the reptillian conspiracy theory, through people who mistook it for physical events in this world.

It's amazing how much this lines up with The Matrix, which we already know is prophetic based on Neo's passport. Morpheus sure was right when he said "Take the blue pill, you go home, wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. Take the red pill, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes".

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I like the matrix similarity of your story. I think it is a good analogy.
And I think it is a good idea to break "the matrix" and "the machine-world" that is outside of the matrix-world.
Both in the matrix and the machine-world there is a war going on.

But there is also a world outside that, and much more. Have you ever contacted that?
I think that people incarnate from different world-levels. And often get stuck in between after death.

Note. You did not talk about your sources and how much they can be trusted.

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There is definitely a genetic factor involved but as HKP says, there are environmental factors at work too. Neither nature nor nurture determines your personality but a combination. But even if a close relative is stark raving mad, you could turn out just fine and the opposite is true.

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I'm convinced being queer is exactly that. A biological disorder.

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High estrogen femboys no doubt suckling on soy and as much plastic as they can get their pathetic beta male hands on.

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So what came first. The soy or the boy?

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You'd be surprised how many disorders disappear if you work physically during the day.

Look at how many people that have mental problems are all in sloth type jobs or don't work.

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I have met many people who work physically. The vast majority exhibited a clearly lower IQ and were pretty thick. They couldn't have mental problems because they didn't have a mentality.

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lol, I can't argue with that.

It could just be running or sport for a bit too, just something to strain your body a little so you're tired physically every day.

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Can modern culture be considered a personality disorder?

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what do you think?