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Yes, this is a problem. Forums modeled after Reddit are link aggregators, which was a novel idea back in 2005, but which isn't designed to facilitate in-depth discussion. It's my goal to bring back traditional discussion forums. I've set up a phpBB forum called Rabbit Hole and you can visit it at However, it isn't active right now and I'm not promoting. It has to be polished first. Right now it's a hidden service, and the URL redirects you to a tor2web bridge, but that produces ugly URLs. Please stay tuned for this. There are some other priorities I have to focus on right now, but with regards to being of service to this community, this is one of the higher priorities.

Taking breaks from the Internet is a good idea regardless.

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We really need to stop wanting a 'Reddit 2.0' as we will get exactly that and everything that comes with it. Phone users don't seem to know what they want half the time!

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I tried Reddit alts and found they are all practically the same shit holes just skewered towards a more I guess 'secluded' audience that hates outsiders which is how these alternates formed in case they have forgotten.

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Have you read my post at all?

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I just did but you said your site isn't active yet but I'll bookmark it for later. The Reddit link aggregators have made forums practically unsuable now except for smartphone users whom just skim links. I don't think you read your own post TBH. Actually I don't know if I did as Vivaldi has(d) an update where you can no longer bookmark things. You used to be able to click 'Bookmark' and it would auto add it to the list but doesn't anymore. Edge for a long time you cannot bookmark things. I think I found it once a long time ago but you had to click 3 different things to get to it. Opening up bookmarks on either browser is easy but actually adding one is an entirely different matter.

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In some ways news is just spam. The sites are full of adds like spam. Sometimes the level of research that goes into the articles are about the same level, basically none. They have videos that auto-play that have nothing to do with the link you clicked on. If I built a site like that and shared it around I'd be chased off the internet. Basically news corps managed to get a monopoly on acceptable spam.

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How come when a user tries to pass the same shit they'd be trolled out of the forums yet you see it all the time on the 'trending' pages even on Community.Win.

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Because they want people to get frustrated with the internet and stop using it. People were banding together and finding out things in common. So they poison the well with thousands of bots and shills, so everyone gets upset and learns nothing. Thus regaining control over their communication network, like they had with TV. Unfortunately the only working response to this is to create a walled garden forum, but that also implies a high degree of censorship, which is antithetical to uncovering taboo information.

So it's kind of this weird lose-lose situation and no one has figured out a solution yet. And it's only going to get worse as bots get better at seeming human. The internet will be 95% bots in probably 10 years. It's probably 50% on a lot of forums already.

It's honestly a disaster for humanity because a lot of people mistakenly think it's real, and a real reflection of how humanity thinks and acts, but it's fake. And it makes people depressed, disconnected, and despondent to see this and think it's real. Which is also useful to those in power, because if these attitudes are held deeply by the populace, it disables people from wanting to change the world because they think it's useless.

Seems offline communities will be the way of the future as the internet becomes increasingly poisoned by bad actors that are nearly-impossible to defend against. Video content is more likely to be real than text content these days, but even that will come to an end as deepfakes and video editing improves. In real life you can at least verify you're talking to a flesh-and-blood human being.

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Unfortunately the only working response to this is to create a walled garden forum, but that also implies a high degree of censorship, which is antithetical to uncovering taboo information.

This was actually China's solution. After they opened up in the 1970's/1980's, they found out that foreign intelligence was promoting propaganda and directing speech. So they reinstated censorship, which has issues as it can be abused by the ones controlling the internet and/or have ethical/philosophical concerns.

The internet will be 95% bots in probably 10 years. It's probably 50% on a lot of forums already.

I think it's part bots part astroturfs.

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Yeah it's part bots part astroturfs for sure. Probably 40% real users, 30% bots, and 30% shills/paid/astroturf user accounts.

The downside to what China has done is that they get in an information bubble, and begin to make mistakes because they don't have access to unbiased (or differently-biased) information. So they develop a narrow worldview that hinders them in many ways.

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Well is unpoisonable unless you really have an Imperialist-interest to follow which requires cheating, lying, and stealing to sustain

Every US citizen secretly wants to get rid of all the Jews and Bourgeoisie if not for the fact that Jews and Bourgeoisie are the only ones sustaining them.

This is why it is important to have a government to represent the populace's race and class interests. The CPC Politburo specifically selects a composition which directly reflects PRC's demographics.

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I think this format was super important and useful for society. It was causing change and needed fixed fast....then all news sources turned into excessively deceptive propaganda; main and alt-news sources largely solidified into one voice, coordinating together, including controlled opposition.

AI weaponized narratives now have an unhindered platform. Instead of helping society, now these social media platforms have became just an extension to those efforts. With Google/MS/Amazon and other side-channel snooping, the data collected about everything the public knows...from articles read, websites visited, movies watched, to books read...the AI can evaluate how effective each propaganda spin will be with the public, allowing them to determine how to successfully convince the majority of the public on even the most absurd lie.

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There's a chicken-egg problem hidden in your construct. You are correct that the level of discussion is pathetic now online (with some smaller markets of slightly better among the vast majority of absolute shit). But how can we generate decent discussion without a reliable universe of facts from which to begin? The fault for this isn't the news aggregator sites; it's the "news" sites themselves. When the official sources (they call themselves private companies, but let's be serious - we now have pravda) are lying outright (e.g. Hunter Biden's laptop is Russian disinfo), it makes it very difficult to generate serious conversation. To have a conversation, we have to talk about what is actually happening, and nobody is willing (official sources) or able (alternative sources) to tell us that. The smaller outlets that have the integrity don't have the resources to track down the big stories, and the organizations who have the resources are compromised and corrupt. An analogy to finish: think of a discussion as a pleasant meal with friends - it's hard to have a meal when there's no food to put on the table.

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And they keep cutting the table in half.

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Those at top I think are purposely making sure communication is impossible. Why would they NOT want people to communicate even to at least for their objectives?

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I agree and would support a ban of all non-noteworthy articles from MSM sources.

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a possible winter storm next week!

That's good camping weather. Do the whole man vs. nature thing. Or go to an abortion rally, you know those chicks put out.

Video games are alright. Just finished Horizon Forbidden West and the wife finally picked up Animal Crossing after deciding those Nintendo fucks were never going to lower the price.

I like the news. What more important things could you talk about besides major happenings in the world? This stuff affects us. Boobs and cat stuff are pretty popular here too though. Also highly important.

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Nintendo thinks they are 'Apple' of video games. This is why Commodore was so popular it was more then just a game machine it was a total computer for less then 1000$ WAY Less. It quickly dropped to 300$ and did more then the IBM did. Way more programs to choose from especially if you could connect to Loadstar Tower. Back then people would write a program and sell it in sandwich baggies. Ironically when a game got released you'd get all versions of it with the package. IE: If it was a port from Apple you got disks for Apple also so you'd have this wad of floppy disks for different computer systems.

Keywords: COMputer systems. Not game machines.

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/s/nonmorons isn't like this.

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I think someone's in the kitchen with Dina but I don't know who.

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It's not the web that's gotten worse my niggas you guys just made the mistake of letting roasties use it. Buddha clearly warned us about it in his writings you should check it out sometimes pretty based guy.

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I used to participate in a community specifically for a video game series, and it naturally gravitated to gaming news and discussion of gaming news specifically because:

  • the series experienced a hiatus so any discussion and speculation about the storyline and gameplay have been exhausted

  • the community was not producing new content such as videos, blogs, memes, fan art, or game mods.

There were more people talking than there were people with talent. Before the community died out, it just became gaming news gossip and clickbait. I would much rather have the community write autistic fanfiction of Dante from the Devil May Cry series, Adam Jensen, and Sanic saving the world from the Illuminati and learning the power of friendship than constantly read crappy news articles.

So TL;DR some communities run out of things to do or things to show other people.